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No more Covid-ICUs in Greece’s hospitals; where patients be treated?

Intensive Care Units for Covid-19 patients will be abolished in Greece’s hospitals. This was decided unanimously by the large committee of experts of the Ministry of Health, which consists of more than 30 scientists.

According to media information, the suggestion was made by the Director of the Evangelical ICU at Evangelismos hospital in Athens, and was accepted by the leadership of the Ministry of Health.

The question is now: how will the patients in ICUs being treated for other health problems will be protected by the air-born coronavirus or will the Health Ministry expose them to virus infection and “whoever can survive will survive”?

The correct proposal comes from Theodoros Lytras, Assistant Professor of Public Health, Epidemiologist and Occupational Physician.

“The right question is whether the ICUs have enough isolation (separate rooms) to treat all those patients who need to be treated separately.”

Much to our knowledge, they don’t have and most likely it’s just the ICU staff that will have “to wash their hands thoroughly to avoid infection transfer to patients” as the head of EODY said at one point when asked ‘what to do against infections in the country’s hospitals’.


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