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Painful death for pregnant donkey near Athens (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Outrage for the torturous death of a pregnant donkey in Koropi, village in eastern Attica: the poor animal was found laying on the ground, tied to a tree, its legs tangled to the ropes. ATTENTION: GRAPHIC IMAGES

Traces on the soil showed that she was trying for hours to get up without success.

The animal found a painful death suffering a torture for hours or days.

The donkey was discovered on Sunday and prompt was the response of the local police that arrested the owner, a 75-year-old man who has been known for keeping donkeys and horses in miserable conditions.

Next to his arrest the man faces “felony charges”, while he was fined with 30,000 euros administrative penalty for the death of the animal.

Based on eyewitnesses, the owner was systematically abused and neglected the animals he held for breeding and was selling the newborns.

Near the dead donkey, authorities found two more starving donkeys which they removed to the safety of the Center for the Protection of Donkeys Donkeysland.

According to animal issues website, all three animals were suffering from untreated mange.

The two donkeys were transferred to the safety of the Donkeysland as it posted on Facebook.

Note that the field where the animals were found is next to the Equestrian Club of Koropi, just 20 km away from Greek capital Athens.

Speaking to media, the president of ESPI Hellenic Equine Protection Association ESPI, Thanasis Heliotis, stressed that ‘there is really is no control, and all the complaints that have been made have unfortunately fallen on deaf ears.”

He revealed that ESPI removed an animal from this owner already two years ago2 years ago. The animal was found to be wandering around, the owner never claimed it back.

“Last year we had a problem again because his animals were in the heat in the summer without food and water, and it was a systematic abuse. the owner does not have a business, just a filed with animals,” Heliotis said.

“Normally, the animals should have been taken from him 3 years ago, but when the veterinary service goes and does not see the abuse, there after the document that the prosecution receives in its hands, it is a non-incriminating document. So everything is going well…. They are gone, we know it. In many cases the veterinary services go to the scene, usually finds the owner and gets recommendations, in order to fix some things in the future, which are not being done,” he added.

“The animal could have been saved. Yesterday when we did an autopsy, it was found that she died by torture, that says it all. It is up to the prosecution whether it will be a felony,” Heliotis concluded.

Meanwhile, also in the recent case of the horse abuse on the island of Kea, there is still no prosecutor’s order to remove the animal from the abusive owner.

It should be noted that the “high administrative fines” imposed by police for animal abuse are no solution to the problem as the abusers go form one appeal to the next claiming inability to pay and the fines are either written off or remain on paper.

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  1. I hope animal abuser loses his house, because he will not be able to pay the fine!