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Dog tied with a wire dragged by a car on Zakynthos; abuser fined €30K (video)

A new case of an appalling animal abuse was recorded on the island of Zakynthos: a 75-year-old man was dragging an elderly dog tied with a wire in the back of his car in Gaitani area.

The appalling animal abuse was filmed by another motorist who gave it to the local animal welfare Merimna Zoon.

Video: Warning images

The group immediately initiated all legal procedures, the car and the driver were identified.

According to the denouncement, when other drivers signaled the driver to stop the car, got out and made vague excuses, saying that he had tied the dog to the trunk and he fell out.

Without checking if the dog was injured he threw him into the trunk.

According to the animal welfare group, the incident took place around 3 o’ clock in the afternoon on June 27, shortly after the intersection of the Pastra junction the group calls on other eyewitnesses to report the animal abuse to the local police..

The man was arrest and handed out first of all an administrative fine of 30,000 euros. He initially claimed that the dog was a stray he found on the streets. It turned out it the abused animal was his own dog.

The dog is in the hands of the people of the Zakynthos Life Care Group, which is receiving all the necessary care after the abuse.

According to Life Care Group “the dog is old, has already been examined by a veterinarian, has slight burns on its paws and cannot stand for a long time.  Further tests will be done and he receives the necessary treatment.”

The dog was not taken well care, anyway, he was found to have lots of fleas and ticks in his fur.

The group added that “the dog’s paws were washed and he had a new collar” when they freed him from his misery.

“For four hours two group volunteers were at the police station, until the police decided that the dog will be removed from his abusing owner,” the group underlined.

In a post on social media, the new Minister of Citizen Protection, Notis Mitarakis, “today I saw a video of dog abuse in Zakynthos where a man was dragging it with his car. With the immediate actions of the Hellenic Police, the perpetrator has already been arrested and the prescribed penalties will be imposed. Such anti-social behavior is not acceptable. A fine of 30,000 euros was imposed and tomorrow [Thursday] he will be taken to the public prosecutor of Zakynthos.”

Ten days ago, another man was arrested on Zakynthos and fined for dragging a poor goat tied in his car exposing the animal to an unbelievable torture as it could hardly keep pace on the asphalt

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  1. Why don’t they just put these abusers in prison? Everyone knows these types of people can’t pay the hefty fine imposed on them.

  2. Do they ever actually pay those fines they are given?? What happens if they don’t pay??
    Too much abuse of animals here 😥

    • keeptalkinggreece

      according to the law if they don’t pay the fine was registered at the tax office. in reality they don’t pay, I’m afraid, or are written off.

    • As a Greek – ΑΙΣΧΟΣ 🤬
      Vile people should be tied by a wire behind a car and dragged down the road – see how they like it. Forget the fines : like for like punishment. Who do the poor animals complain to ?? 🤬

  3. A person who do such a thing has really something wrong in his/her head!! Poor dog! I just cant understand what triggers a human to be so inhuman to another living creature.

  4. Dodgy judiciary grandstanding. Forget these nonsensical fines, these trogs should be jailed.

  5. Seizing of property eg. the car involved, would go towards the fine and a term in prison might just send out the necessary message to these uncaring people.
    Fortunately, in general, animal welfare is becoming more widespread in Greece and, thanks to technology, abusers are more likely to be filmed and arrested.