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Ferry tickets: Gov’t negotiates with shipping companies over high prices

Following citizens complaints and often also outrage over the high ferry prices, the government finally decided to take action and a state minister met on Tuesday with shipping companies in an effort to convince them to lower prices.

According to daily, ticket prices increased by 25%-30% this summer when compared to corresponding period in summer 2022.

This summer, the cost of traveling by ferry to the islands is prohibitive for an average Greek family, due to the very expensive tickets, with the result that many are canceling their vacations or looking for destinations to which they can be transported by road, and therefore the costs be more limited.

Ferry prices up 25%-30%

According to vice-president of the Panhellenic Federation of Tourist Offices, Grigoris Lavdas, the prices of ferry tickets are this year by approximately 25%-30% higher compared to the corresponding period last year.

The result is that almost one in three Greeks, who were thinking or planning to take a holiday on an island, cancel their plans and look for tourist destinations  in mainland Greece, with the main goal that they are not far from the permanent place of residence.

“It is a fact that the increase in the prices of ferry tickets this year even reaches 30% depending, of course, depending on the destination. Our industry has complained many times about the issue of ticket prices, but unfortunately with the ferry companies, you can’t beat them… They cite the more expensive oil but add other increases at the same time, resulting in the cost of of tickets. Of course, there is also the solution of the plane to go to an island, however, this solution is even more expensive for a family, so the ferry is the only way,” Lavdas underlined.

Typical examples of the cost of a ferry passage if the passenger does not book also a cabin but will sit in the ferry’s lounge.

Piraeus to Rhodes for a family of four cost is 364 euros one way and 728 euros with return.,

Piraeus to Kos cost of travel for one person  and one way travel is 77 euros, while  a family of four will have to spend 308 euros.

To Paros and Naxos, the individual transfer ticket is 50 euros this year. So, in order for a family of four to reach the specific islands from Attica and return, they will have to pay 400 euros.

Take into consideration that the prices do not include a fare for a car andone has to add also the accommodation and food cost that have also skyrocketed in popular islands destinations.

“These ferry ticket prices practically mean that… they don’t want Greek tourists on our islands, since the very high cost of accommodation should also be added. Unfortunately, it is exploited at the peak of the tourist season,” Lavdas added.

Gov’t – shipping companies meeting

In a meeting state minister Akis Skertsos asked shipping companies to table concrete proposals by Thursday, July 13.

Coastal carriers were asked to present proposals for travelers with significant discounts on tickets on main routes, that is on itineraries that depart from or arrive at the ports of Piraeus and Rafina in Attica, Thessaloniki and Kavala iin northern Greece and not necessarily in routes between islands..

Shipping companies reportedly listed their problems related to inflation, fuel prices, serving barren lines and the significant losses of previous years alongside the need to renew the liner fleet.

And this, despite the fact that Ferry ticket prices this August remain at the same levels as in August 2022, international oil prices have fallen by about 40% in summer 2023, while Greek ferry prices remain at the same level as a year earlier.

Shipping companies have reportedly promised that they will immediately respond in the context of healthy competition and commercial policy to contribute in their own way to the relief of Greek families with specific discounts and offer packages.

In addition to the discounts that exist for island residents, beneficiaries of social tourism and other mandatory social policy discounts (such as students, those with many children, people with disabilities etc.), the government requested that these discounts also concern cars.

PS Not that is it already peak of the summer holiday season, travelers have already booked their ferry fares including return.
How will these passengers benefit from the “discounts”?
“Probably the captain will give each passenger 3 euros cash when they disembark or get a 5-euros voucher for another ferry travel,” Kitty said, not me.

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