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Evacuations in west Athens and Attica as wildfires out of control

Suburbs in western Athens and villages in Attica were evacuated as of early Tuesday afternoon, factories, storehouses and homes were burned down, parts of highway ring was closed, a local airbase is on alert and the blue Attica sky turned grey due to wildfires in Fyli at the foot of Parnitha Mt, Hasia and Aspropyrgos.

Residents are trying to save themselves and their properties, and people fostering pets are calling for help.

In the pictures below a man is seen desperately trying to save his animals.

According to the Fire Department, the fire broke out at 11:56 a.m. in an area near the Kleiston Monastery, The Holy Dormition of the Virgin, and spread quickly to fyli due to powerful winds blowing with 7 to 8 Beaufort.

The fire in Aspropyrgos, western Attica, had started around 8 o’ clock in the morning.

So far, 26 firefighters with 13 vehicles are operating, while air forces have also been mobilized.

A message was sent to the residents of Fyli via the emergency number 112 to evacuate their area and head towards Ano Liosia due to a forest fire in progress.

The fires that broke out on Tuesday in the areas Lakka Katsari, Nea Zoi and Ammoudies of Aspropyrgos, south-western Attica, are still in progress.

Police suspended vehicle traffic on Attiki Odos ing highway from Egaleo ring road to Elefsina toll post on both directions due to the wildfire in Aspropyrgos.

According to the Fire Brigade, the three fires broke out close to industrial areas. 27 fire engines with a 72-member crew and two water dropping helicopters are battling the blaze.

A message was sent via the emergency number 112 for the evacuation of Pontion and Veras settlements due to the wildfire raging in Aspropyrgos. Earlier, a message was sent to the residents of Lakka Katsari to evacuate the area due to the fire.

A fire also broke out in the area of Valomandra, Kalyvia, Attica region, but is now under partial control. Nevertheless, residents of Valomandra were ordered to evacuate towards Kalyvia.

According to Fire Brigade’s sources, 23 firefighters with 6 fire engines, 1 team of firefighters on foot assisted by 5 aircraft are battling the blaze

According to state broadcaster ERT, the flames have reached the fence of the airbase in Elefsina in west Attica.

Due to the fires in west Attica, the landfill in Fyli is currently closed and mayors in Athens advice citizens to refrain from bring garbage to the bins.

According to latest information, the fire in west Athens is heading from Fyli to Mt Parnitha.

Several fire fronts across Greece is testing the nerves and the patience of the country’s citizens.

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