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Farmers in Greece set more blockades on highways (videos)

For about one hour farmers blocked both directions of the Athens-Lamia National Highway at the height of Atalanti earlier on Wednesday, as the primary sector escalates its mobilization and protest actions.

The farmers passed through fields and managed to enter the Athens-Lamia highway in the direction of Athens, while some of the tractors were in the direction of Athens and some on the flyover in the area.

The highway opened again short before 3:30 p.m., media reported.

At the same time, some 200 tractors and agricultural vehicles closed both directions of the the highway Patras – Athens at the entrance to Patras.

Earlier, farmers from Dendra and Platanoulia of the Municipality of Tyrnavos blocked the National Road Larissa – Kozani for a few minutes at the level of the intersection with Dendra.

Despite the governmental promise on Tuesday to give 5,000 and up to 10,000 euro to each farmer in flooded Thessaly plain, members of Greece’s primary sector are not pleased. They want cheaper fuel and electricity, a request they share with their colleagues in other regions of the country. Furthermore, they demand full payment of the compensation the government promised after the floods in September 2023, claiming that the down-payment they received so far is just “peanuts” that can’t fill the complete destruction they suffered due to the floods.

Farmers and breeders are planning to move three hundred tractors at the opening of the Agrotica 2024 fair in Thessaloniki and intensify their protests all through the four days of the fair duration (February 1-4).

Speaking to state-run news agency amna, a farmer from Lagadas, clarified that by 10.30 in the morning, the three hundred tractors that will arrive in the city from three different directions – from the port, Derveni and Moudania – and will remain in the south arch of the Fair premises TIF until February 4th.

The tractors will be parked in such a way as to allow free passage for the fair visitors.

“Our mobilization is symbolic and is done with the aim of showing that regardless of the political beliefs that each of us has, we are all united like a punch in order to ensure our survival and sustainability,” the farmer stressed adding “it is justified the plain of Thessaly is at the center of the protests, but  problems in the rest of Greece are intensifying, for the Greek farmers and breeders survival is a matter of time before it is “torn down.”

In the meantime, the beekeepers of Macedonia will be gathering at the bridge of Thermi on Thursday morning (February 1) and move with their vehicles to the center of Thessaloniki in order to join the protests.

Media reports pointed out that it is possible for farmers and breeders from the prefecture of Imathia will symbolically close the road on Egnatia highway at the junction of Kouloura tomorrow, Thursday, while it is also possible for farmers from Epanomi in Halkidiki to attempt their descent to the airport junction again.

In Serres and in Karditsa protesters plan rallies through the cities, while media report of blockades set up in Kastoria, Eordaia, Naoussa and other areas.

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