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Farmers to hold a rally with tractors in Athens next week

Determined to continue their struggle, farmers decided on Thursday for a mass protest rally with tractors and agricultural machinery in Athens, next week. At the same time, they will continue the road blockades including the “shut down” of trucks’ access to customs and ports. The rally in Athens is scheduled …

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Farmers in Greece: National roads & customs blockades, tractors rally in Athens

In a crucial meeting held in Nikaia by Larissa, central Greece, on Tuesday representatives of farmers decided to escalate their mobilizations with simultaneous blockades of national roads and customs as of tomorrow, February 7, 2024, and to hold a protest rally with their tractors next week. Farmers in the country …

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Protests and road blockades in Bulgaria trap dozens drivers in Greece

Thousands of Bulgarians have blocked major highways and roads on Sunday protesting fuel prices and rising cost of living. The blockades have the effect that dozens of truck drivers and private motorists are trapped not only inside Bulgaria but also in neighboring Greece and Turkey. The protests have spread across …

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Farmers block Greece-FYROM border crossing until Feb 3 at least

Protesting farmers and cattle farmers decided on Wednesday to close the Evzoni border crossing between Greece and FYROM until at least February 3. The decision followed a meeting of the coordinating committee of Central Macedonia. However they said they will not participate in Thursday’s rally organized by other farmers at …

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Pensions Reform brings tractors to the streets: eggs and teargas as farmers threaten to “cut Greece into two” (picts, videos)

Farmers, cattle breeders, fishermen, milk producers, winegrowers, the whole productive sector of Greece, they are all down to the streets to express their opposition to the planned pension reform. From the north-east end of Greece down to the south in Crete, and from Thessaly and Peloponnese to Epirus and Corfu,  …

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