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Farmers in Greece: National roads & customs blockades, tractors rally in Athens

In a crucial meeting held in Nikaia by Larissa, central Greece, on Tuesday representatives of farmers decided to escalate their mobilizations with simultaneous blockades of national roads and customs as of tomorrow, February 7, 2024, and to hold a protest rally with their tractors next week.

Farmers in the country want more and concrete measures instead of just governmental promises and half-measures that do not meet their needs.

Addressing a crowd of angry protesters, chairman of the Agricultural Cooperative of Larissa, Christos Sideropoulos, spoke about the continuation of their mobilization: “We are united, we have demands, it is the prime minister’s time but we want answers. We will be at the National Highway, we will do the mobilizations, as was decided. The fight continues, not a step back.”

The meeting was attended by 55 blocs and 70 agricultural cooperatives from all over the country.

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The farmers put forward seven demands, which are common to all and consider their satisfaction as crucial. They request:

  • – Tax-free agricultural fuel
  • – Electricity charge of 7 cents per kWh
  • – Subsidy on supplies and animal feed
  • – The new government decision should not be implemented but renegotiated
  • – 100% refunds and replacement of lost income on products
  • – No to illegal Greekization

The demands of farmers in Thessaly plain concerning the restoration of destruction caused by storm Daniel in September 2023  are being listed in an appendix to their main demands.


Protests escalate with following actions:

  • To close at the same time and for two hours national and provincial roads across the country.
  • To block customs for professional trucks
  • To hold a tractors protest in Athens next week

The first two actions start tomorrow, Wednesday, February 7, 2024, local media reported. According to some TV channels, there maybe blockades to trucks coming from North Macedonia.

After the meeting, hundreds of farmers walked to Nikaia intersection with the Athens-Thessaloniki highway to hold a symbolic blockade.

However, strong riot police forces were deployed there. they negotiated to be allowed to hold a half-an-hour blockade.

Farmers in Greece launched their first protest actions already in January and the movement spread across the country.

First reaction from the government to today’s decisions and thus through “sources” was that blockades do not help and first measures were underway, anyway.

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