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“Police cars are not taxis” officer tells victim moments before she’s stabbed outside police station

Six police officers including the head officer of the Agioi Anargyroi police station and the police emergency phone-line operator have been suspended from duty and are under investigation after the murder of a young woman by her ex partner outside the police station on Monday night.

Also suspended and under investigation are the officer on duty, a supervisor and her driver and the police guard outside the station.

“Police cars are not taxis!” officers tells victim seeking escort

Media broadcast on Wednesday the phone conversation between the emergency line operator and 28-year-old Kyriaki Griva seeking police escort to her home fearing for her life and thus moments before she was stabbed by her former partner.

“Lady, police cars are not taxis,” the officer is heard telling the young woman. and starts taking notes about her data and her complain.

While he takes notes as slowly as a bored bureaucrat would do, the woman shouts “he is here!”. Screams are heard right afterwards as the ex partner brutally attacks her and stabs her multiple times on the back.

The mobile lands on the streets, somebody shouts “Call an ambulance!”

But it’s too late for the young woman who dies on the sport.


Police shocking indifference

Kyriaki Griva had gone to the station on Monday night to report that her ex-partner was waiting for her outside her home and seeking for help, a help she never received and she was met with a shocking indifference.

The 22-year-old office on duty in the police station told her there was no car available to escort her home and told her to call the police emergency line.

The guard who was in his post did fairly nothing while the the victim was being attacked 3 meters from the station entrance. Later on Wednesday, state broadcaster ERT reported that the guard testified that he saw “a man and a woman walking slowly, then the man pulling a big knife from the woman’s back.” He added that he run and kicked the knife the attacker had turned against himself.

At the time of the murder, an experienced police supervisor was at the station, with a car and a driver.

Society, parties in outrage

The murder outside the police station and the active refusal of officers to help the woman has not only shed a very bad light to Greek Police it has also triggered outrage in the shocked society that demands that Minister of Citizens Protection is being removed from his post.

“Femicide with police responsibility” is one of opinion articles posted in the media.

In an interview, minister Michalis Chrysochoidis said that directives with protocols for domestic violence have been sent to police stations long ago and officers may need an update of their training.

Opposition parties lash out at the government saying that it is unable to protect the citizens.

The killing has prompted renewed calls for recognizing femicide in the Greek law, with opposition party New Left to have already submitted a relevant legislation change. Such legislation is being rejected by the conservative government.

PS Don’t feel relieved for the suspension of the six officers. The guard outside the station had returned to service after having spend some time in custody for a case of forged passports in 2013. His case is now at the country’s highest court, the Supreme Court, media reported.

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  1. The harsh fact is that the police and the government don’t actually care!
    So sad 😢

  2. imagine a country where it is legally forbidden to defend oneself, but the police have no problem watching you get stabbed to death right on their doorstep.

  3. greek police need update they are so weak protecting peoples when we compare them with another european country