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Dozens of convicted police officers on duty due to …procedures

Over one hundred police officers in Greece have been convicted for serious offenses but they still serve or are active within the police due to pending procedural issues.

A total of 107 police officers who have been convicted for serious criminal offenses and are the subject of disciplinary proceedings to remove them from the force, remain on duty due to procedural issues, Sunday newspaper tovima.gr revealed, citing data form the Greek police.

About 150 police officers are estimated to have been arrested red-handed or have been charged with serious offenses, most of whom are still serving in the Greek Police pending trials.

The police officers in question who have been unfavorably transferred to regional police stations they are called upon to deal with critical issues for the safety of citizens, the newspaper noted.

“However, due to their detachment and unfavorable treatment,  they do not adequately respond to their duties, tovima added.

The matter apparently became an issue after a young woman was murdered by her former partner outside a police station in Agioi Anargyroi suburb of western Athens last Monday.

The officers on duty blatantly failed to offer the young woman the help and protection she sought fearing for her life.

While it was initially reported that the six officers were suspended from duty, it turned out that they were just transferred to positions in other police station or departments mostly dealing with illegal migrants and structures.

It should be recalled that the guard outside the police station was convicted for forging passports but he was neither fired nor had any discipline punishment due to pending procedures.


What is the purpose of having a lot of policemen if they do not do their work property?

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