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Thousands of Covid-tests, masks with tampered expiration dates; two arrests

Greek police arrested two foreign nationals who were illegally storing and trafficking in the market expired medical masks and Covid-19 self-tests after tampering the expiration dates.

The arrested were planning to market millions of masks and self-tests, which, according to health authorities were dangerous to public health.

The total benefit they would receive exceeded 1.6 million euros

According to a statement issued by Greek Police on Friday, the arrested stored the illegal goods in a house in the center of Athens, as well as in a warehouse in Aspropyrgos, western Attica.

, medical masks and covid tests, on which They altered the production and expiration date of the medical masks and the Covid-19 self-tests and they channeled them for disposal.

One of the two used a transport company based in Aspropyrgos as a storage area, where since last July he had sent more than 4 containers with masks and self-tests for safekeeping since July 2023.

In the same storage pace, he stored hundreds of boxes containing masks since 2021.

Those arrested were taken to the competent prosecuting authority.

Found and seized during authorities raid in the house and the storage space were:

  • 351,000 self-diagnostic Covid tests
  • 2,500,000 medical protective masks
  • 120,000 stickers-labels of a foreign pharmaceutical industry
  • 5.7 grams crystal methamphetamine
  • 2 mobiles
  • thermal printer
  • laptop
  • vehicle
  • multitude boxes containing cards

Police Video:

The two suspects are to be brought before the prosecutor on Friday.

Greece’s National Organization for Medicines (EOF) underscores the peril posed by medical products with tampered production and expiration dates, deeming them unsafe for human use.

PS Next to the ‘bad foreign nationals’ authorities should also find out how they came into procession of such large amounts of masks and self-tests and prosecute also those companies that ‘sold’ the expired goods to them.

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