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Sorry seems to be the hardest word!

Amid the song and dance of famous “Wedding Party on a Battleship” – the AVEROF, you know… -, which became talk of the country, I forgot, or better say, I didn’t catch up with other important news and issues that affect crisis-suffering Greeks. You may have understood by now that …

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Greek Businessman: Bankruptcy is not the solution!

There is a lot of talk about Restructuring Greece’s Debt , which many Greeks define as ‘official bankruptcy’. A friend of mine, a businessman, posts his opinion… “Bankruptcy of  Greece  is not the solution. In case the country goes bankrupt not only lenders will not touch anything Greek but we are doomed to go bankrupt …

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Greeks: Fed up with Scandals & Corruption!

Greeks: Fed up with Scandals and Corruption “They should go …@@@” The insult coming out of my neighbor’s lips is unprintable. Giwrgos has just put aside the Sunday newspaper. “Every day we read about a new scandal, today I see at least 5” he says as he grabs again the …

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We write Greek NEPOTISM in Capitals

We write Greek NEPOTISM in Capitals Nepotism – the favoritism granted to relatives and friends regardless of their merits – has been a common practice in Greece. It has been tolerated by a large percentage of the population for ages, since it provided people with guaranteed income and politicians with …

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Greek Financial Crisis causes Nightmares

THIS MORNING I WOKE UP SCREAMING…. I woke up screaming this morning…. I had a nightmare… I was taken “hostage” by a group of people. Were they the notorious and scary Bonds-Speculators? Were they my devoted blog-visitors?  Or even the no-returning visitors? In my dream, we were all in a …

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