Thursday , April 25 2024
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Investigation into fraud linked to €2.5B of EU Funds for Digitization awarded to just 10 companies in Greece

National and European authorities are investigating allegations of fraud linked to how €2.5 billion in EU Recovery Funds was awarded to just 10 companies in Greece. Investigation is latest dent to the reputation of EU’s post-pandemic support, writes in its exclusive report. The offices of the country’s three telecommunications …

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Next wave of Sahara Dust to cover Greece

A new wave of Sahara Dust is coming to Greece that currently enjoys a fair weather with full sunshine and ‘early summer’ temperatures of almost up to 30 degrees Celsius. According to meteorologist of Open TV, Klearhos Maroysakis, a barometric low off the coast of north Africa will bring large …

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Marine parks challenge Greek-Turkish relations

Greece’s Foreign Ministry affirmed its commitment to safeguarding its sovereign rights, while accusing Turkey of attempting to “politicize” an environmental conservation issue, that of marine parks to be established in the Aegean and the Ionian Sea. Greece reaction comes after Turkey challenged on Tuesday Greek sovereign rights and criticized Athens …

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ENFIA: Payment notices for Property Tax uploaded

Payment notices for the Unified Property Tax (ENFIA) for approximately 7.3 million property and business owners in Greece have been uploaded on the digital portal for the financial year 2024, authorities announced late on Sunday. This year’s ENFIA dues are to be paid in up to 11 installments, with …

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