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“Austerity Air Conditioning”: One A/C for two rooms – seen in hotel in Greece

The tourists were surprised about the construction and tried to find out what it was. It was “austerity air conditioning” or “shared A/C” : One A/C for two rooms. The hotel is on the island of Lefkada at the Ionian Sea. Κουβαρντάς Έλληνας ξενοδόχος … Αιρ κοντισιον για 2 δωμάτια …

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Two F-16 escort EL-AL Boeing 747 through Greek FIR due to Bomb Threat

Two Greek F-16 fighters jets took off and accompanied through the Athens FIR a Boeing 747 of Israel’s national carrier EL-AL. The Boeing was flying the route New York – Tel Aviv. The Boeing entered Athens FIR at 11:02 am Tuesday and exited it at 11:12 am. According to Greek …

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Clean Beaches Report 2016: Where to swim in Athens & surrounding areas

You are in Athens and you hear the call of the sea? There are several clean beaches nearby that you can visit with public transport means and others a bit more far away that you’d better reach with own vehicle. The Laboratories of the National Ecological Research Center PAKOEE issued …

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Clean Beaches: With 430 Blue Flags Greece earns 4rd place in EU: 1st is … Luxembourg!

Greece has earned the fourth place in Europe with regards to the quality of its bathing waters. According to data published by the European Environment Agency,  97.2% of areas inspected were deemed to be outstanding. The EEA also announced that the country was positioned third worldwide in terms of Blue …

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Transavia plane from Paris to Crete makes emergency landing in Italy

A Transavia plane made an emergency landing after smoke developed in the cockpit. The Boeing 738 flying from Paris, France to the Greek island of Crete landed at the Marco Polo airport in Venice, Italy. The plane was carrying 172 passengers and 7 crew members. The emergency landing was successful, …

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Kos: Dutch tourist treated for suspected cholera – First tests “Negative”

A case of suspected cholera infection is being currently treated in a private hospital in Athens. According to Greek media, a 79-year-old Dutch tourist was transferred from the island of Kos to Athens for tests and treatment on Sunday and he is is the Intensive Care Unit under strict hygienic …

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