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Ireland and Greece will help to bail-out Portugal

That’s lovely and shows real solidarity among the impoverished  of the euro zone. After they got bailout themselves, Greece and Ireland are going to put on the counter their own part of their own bailout loan to bailout Portugal. Then Portugal, a country seeking now a €90 billion bailout, had …

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CMA-report: Greece tops Debt Risk List 1Q 2011 – Again

Greece  is considered as the world’s most risky to default and tops again the CMA list of Sovereign Debt Risk Report with a 58% chance of a debt restructuring occurring within five years. The London-based CMA released Global Sovereign Credit Risk Report refers to the first Quarter of 2011. On the Top …

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Sotiria Bellou: Min Klais – Dedicated to IMF bailout countries (music video)

I just read in our FB page the worries of a Portuguese woman about the inevitable country’s bailout  by the International Monetary Fund hawks. She was wondering how doe sit look like to be in the arms of speculators… creating a post-modern lumpenproletariat in the 21st century! The old, nice, …

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The Economist: GR, IE & PT should restructure debt – They’re bust!

That’s a nice article to boost our spirit. And thus on April Fool’s Day, on the first day of the month. Stoned-aged old grannies used to say “How the month begins, so the month ends”. They meant that if the first day of the month is good/bad, the whole month would be good/bad. Old grannies …

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Prof. Rogoff: Greece Debt Restructure Inescapable

I have been trying for quite some time to find out why I smoke more in the morning than the rest of the day. Now, I think, I know. Because of the crap and self-repeating news I read in the morning… In fact, I’m fed up with the pressure some …

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