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Speech in Athens: Obama praises Democracy, Sacrifices of Greeks

US President Barack Obama started his speech with “Yias sas!”, “Kalispera!” and “Filoxenia”(hospitality). He used other Greek words like “foustanella”, “spanakopita” and “ouzo” At the end of his 40-minute long speech he said “Zήτω η Ελλάς” (Long Live, Greece) and had Greeks cheer. President Obama speech without teleprompter or notes …

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Tas Melas: NBA show presenter sings live the Greek National Anthem (video)

Thousands of viewers watched basketball show presenter Tas Melas singing the Greek National Anthem on TV show  The Starters of Greek-American journalist Tas Melas sang live on the occasion of  the upcoming basketball match between Milwaukee Bucks and Memphis Grizzlies, a match that would bring three Greeks on the …

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