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“Greece & Poland should join forces for WWII Reparations” says German historian

Greece and Poland should join forces also with other countries and demand together WWII reparations from Germany from damages they suffered during the Nazi occupation. “Germany has an obligation to pay,” says German historian Karl Heinz Roth who has also published a book on the German WWII debt to Greece. …

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Polish mother and son die while fleeing wildfires in Athens

Two Polish nationals, a mother and her son, have died following the wildfires raging in North-East Athens on Monday.Their bodies were found in the sea and most probably were drowned when the boat they used together with other tourist to flee the fire capsized. “They were on the boat among …

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President Duda promises Poland will strive to resolve conflicts in the Balkans

President Andrzej Duda has promised that Poland will strive to resolve conflicts in the Balkan region after talks in Athens with his Greek counterpart Prokopis Pavlopoulos. Duda’s pledge came in response to Pavlopoulos’ statement that the European Union faced challenges regarding Macedonia and Cyprus. Polish media write that Athens has …

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Survey: 55% of Europeans against further Muslim Migration

Europeans are afraid of migration from mainly Muslim countries. A recent research poll conducted in among 10,000 people in ten European countries shows that the levels of public anxiety over immigration from mainly Muslim states are significant and widespread. The survey was conducted before US president Donald Trump signed the …

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New horsemeat burgers scandal: Irish company with EU customers

Irelands’ “number one” burger producer suspended production after after tests showed that horsemeat was found in firm’s raw material ingredients. Ireland’s agriculture department confirmed the findings pointing the finger at Poland as the country of origin for the raw materials. Irish beefburger producer Rangeland Foods has customers in the UK, Greece, Belgium, Sweden, …

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