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Zak Kostopoulos died of heart attack induced by beating-trauma, coroner tells court

Zak Kostopoulos died of a heart attack that was probably induced by trauma during a double beating, the coroner who conducted the autopsy on the 33-year-old LGBTO activist told a court in Athens on Tuesday. The trial started with two civilians and four police officers sitting on the defendant benches. …

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Husband of brutally murdered Caroline Crouch taken to Police HQ

In a extraordinary development, Greek police brought the husband of murdered British-born young mother Caroline Crouch from the island of Alosinos to police headquarters in Athens on Thursday. The husband, a commercial aviation pilot, was flown to Athens with a helicopter to provide additional information in the case that appeared …

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Golden Dawn trial: Leader Michaloliakos in court, provocative, without remorse

A crucial moment in Golden Fawn trial: Leader of the far-right party, Nikos Michaloliakos, took a seat in the court room on Wednesday in order to testify in the long-running trial. He is accused of running a criminal organizations with the party members involved in several attacks against migrants and …

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Survivor’s testimony confirms scenarios about the helicopter crash

Survivor Sergeant major Vassiliki Plexida described the conditions preceding the helicopter crash on Wednesday morning. Her testimony confirms the initial suggestions of the UH-1H crash that caused the death of four officers of the Greek Army. “We were flying low when we fell into fog. the visibility was extremely limited, …

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Athens Municipality Shelter throws Homeless out in the cold

Unbelievable. But not surprise. The Shelter for Homeless run by the Athens Municipality threw homeless out in the coldest and snowy night in the Greek capital. On Tuesday night, the shelter closed its doors at 11 p.m. amid heavy snow fall and temperature below the freezing point. The denouncement was …

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Norman Atlantic: Rescued driver says drivers were “allowed” to sleep in their trucks

Although it is strictly forbidden, drivers were so to say “allowed” to sleep in their trucks and lorries in the car deck of the Norman Atlantic ferry. Speaking live to private Mega TV, driver Yiannis Vlyssidis admitted that he and his wife, but also quite a number of other drivers …

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