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Greek Tricks in Labor Market: Option for Civil Servants to Work in Private Sector?

Greek government is considering to give some employment options to civil servants and thus at the expenses of private sector employees. Daily TA NEA reports that civil servants will be given the incentive for an unpaid leave and employment in the private sector. The civil servant will be granted the …

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Greek survey: Corruption worst than Unemployment

Corruption is Greece’s worst problem, however most Greeks see nothing wrong with paying bribes if they need do, a survey disclosed. A third of Greeks believe that corruption is the country’s biggest problem but more than half see nothing wrong in bribing a public servant if they have to. The …

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Greece: Monster of Unemployment grows but Political leadership optimist

The monsterof unemployment in Greece is growing and threatens to get out of control. Concellor of private sector labor union GSEE, S. Robolis informed members of the Greek Parliament that unemployment is estimated to reach 22% at the end of 2011 and the number of jobless will reach 1,200,000 people. …

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Kavala: Jobless Couple on Hunger Strike

A jobless couple set a tent on the main square of Kavala, Northeast Greece, and started a hunger strike. The aim of their desperate action? To get a job! Lazaros Papadopoulos, 60, and his wife Frideriki Toka, 40, saw no other solution to raise attention to their problem. They have been without …

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Greek youth: Champions without a Job – 39% Unemployed

Marina is 24 years old. One and a half years she got her diploma from the School of Economics. No matter how many CVs  she sent to several companies, Marina was unable to find a job up the present day. “I see no way out, no future” she say and turns …

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ALDI: Biggest German Discounter flees Greece!

German biggest discounter Aldi  closes its doors in Greece. “The group ended the operations of its 38 branches,” the company said today Friday. “There it just doesn’t function as it should, “said a spokeswoman, according to Austrian Kleine Zeitung.  The project was deemed as “not sustainable”. The German group has …

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