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Eurogroup on Feb 15 via Teleconference, New Meeting on Feb 20?

Greek private ALPHA television, reported from Brussels that the Eurgroup meeting scheduled for tomorrow Feb 14, 2012, will take place via teleconference. A Eurogroup meeting with physical presence will be due on Monday, Feb 20, 2012. An official relevant statement from the office of Eurogroup head Jean-Claude Juncker is expected soon.

What happened? The leaders of Papademos coalition government didn’t send their written pledges maybe? Or the delay is due to the missing cuts worth 325 million euro as dictated in the new loan agreement?

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  1. Daily Telegraph 17.43 GMT:

    Euro Group President Jean-Claude Juncker says Greek leaders have not yet offered required political pledges, and that further technical work is needed between the country and troika in “a number of areas” – therefore, Wednesday’s meeting is cancelled. Must still agree on how to close €325m fiscal gap in 2012.

    German President Christian Wulff has stated that Greece “is not doing its homework”.

  2. An addition:

    But he then helpfully suggests solar energy as a possible growth area for the debt-stricken country.

  3. eurogroup meeting has not be cancelled – it will take place via teleconference/phone.
    President Wulff? You mean the guy involved in some scandals and still seeks to keep his throne?

  4. solar energy? sure. The Germans will make big investments here, while Greek investors will be outed. There is no loan aid without a bargain and a good deal for the stronger side.

  5. If you’ll be smart you can out the Germans and you don’t even need any investors:
    1.) All fields have to be kept for agriculture, no solar-parks on it – they only steal needed space!
    2.) Like carpenters can build up towers out of wooden framework for wind-mills without destroying woods and hills for German o.o.d. concrete-towers the same “trick” works with solar stuff: just on rocks, secret cliffs etc… (boats under cliffs means less cable also)
    If you don’t have enough carpenters you’ll find lots of volunteers!