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Daily Archives: April 5, 2012

UPD: Greek Police Beats Journalists & Photo-Reporters (video)

UPDATE: The President of Greek Photo-Reporters Union, Marios Lolos is set to undergo brain surgery due to injury he suffered after beaten by riot police. According to the Photo Union,  Marios Lolos was submitted to the hospital with  “with traumatic brain injury caused by baton (fractured skull-impressed), injury which requires surgical …

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Greek Shipyard Revolutionizes Labour: Rotating Work Once per Week

Workers at Skaramanga Shipyards were stunned to hear the radical changes in their working schedules. The Arab-German management of the Shipyards decided to revolutionize the workers’ lives: As of 18. April 2012 workers will have to work in rotation one day per week and thus for a period of three months! At least 1,000 …

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Obama Triggered a Greek-Turkish “Food Crisis”

US President Barack Obama had no idea, he could trigger a Greek-Turkish food “crisis”, when he expressed his enthusiasm over a tasteful bite of “Greek Baklava” – a sweet pastry full of nuts among the layers and soaked in syrup. Turks claim “Baklava” is Turkish and so is “simit” they say. Simitis a …

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Cynical Politicians Comment on Christoulas’ Suicide

The majority of the Greek politicians, including PM Lucas Papademos, found some words of sympathy to Dimitris Christoulas, the retired pharmacist who committed suicide  behind a tree at Syntgama Square on Wednesday morning. The bullet the 77-year-old man planned in his head and the hand-written note he left behind invoking the economic …

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Greek Police Injured TV-Reporter During Protests

A riot policeman hit Greek journalist Rena Maniou from private Antenna TV and threw her on the sidewalk where she hit her head. Maniou was taken to the emergency of a nearby hospital. Also journalists from state broadcaster NET and newspaper reporter Dionysis Vythoulkas (To Vima)  were violently pushed away by the riot …

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Pharmacies Closed in Athens & Piraeus, Apr 5/12

Pharmacies in Athens and Piraeus are closed on Thursday, 5. April 2012, due to protest rally. Greek Pharmacists Association called the owners of 6,000 pharmacies to join the rally outside the building of EOPPY, the National Health Service Agency, in Maroussi suburb of northern Athens. EOPPY was established three months ago as …

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