Kouvelis: Ecumenical Gov’ Until 2014, Gradual Bailout Disengagement

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Fotis Kouvelis, leader of Democratic Left, made a statement after meeting Evangelos Venizelos form PASOK, who has the mandate to form a coalition government. Kouvelis offered a counter proposal:

” The time of truth has come” Kouvelis said while his statement was on live broadcast.

“I offered Venizelos to form an ecumenical government with trustworthy political personalities, a government to last until the EU elections of 2014 and thus under two conditions: That the country remains in the EU and the euro zone and that it will work towards a gradual disengagement from the Memorandum of Understanding.

Shortly after Venizelos said that the concepts of two leaders seem to be on a good path and that he is optimist.

Venizelos wants a national unity government and that the country will have overcome the MoU by 2015 – as the bailout agreement provides.

However that the second bailout austerity programme has provisions for austerity measures until 2015 doe snot mean that the austerity will be over after that 🙂

An ecumenical government is not possible, as IDEPENDENT GREEKS and communist KKE reject any government cooperation; the first with certain parties, the latter out of principle. Itcould also be a problem for some party leaders could be the participation of extreme-rights.

It remains to be seen whether the “optimism” for the country to get a government is real or whether political leaders use the chances of the days to make clear their stances ahead potential fresh elections.