Kalamata: Lawyers on “Strike” Due to No-Functioning A/C In Local Court

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 Lawyers Union in Kalamata, SW Peloponnese, decided to abstain from the local court until the air-conditions get maintained and on duty again. “The conditions in the court building of the town are beyond descriptions” the angry and summer  heat-exhausted lawyers said in an open letter to Greek Minister of Justice.

“We consider as unacceptable the conduct of trials in halls and offices without functioning air-conditions and thus in times of heat-waves.” the lawyers make a reference to a justice ministry decision from 6/6/2012 that approved the expenditure for a technician and the maintenance of the air-conditioning system.”

The lawyers union claim that some maintance took place by technicians, the a/cs worked for only one day and stopped again when tehcnicians left.

The lawyers will be on ‘a strike’ until air-conditioning is restored [or heat-wave is gone….]

Summer 2012 hit Greece with a prolonged and repeat heat-wave with temperatures reaching 40-42 degrees for several days.

PS Maybe somebody just wants to save money on electricity bills?