Greece Becomes the Bogeyman for US-Voters in Anti-Obama Campaigns

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That’s really ridiculous! As if we, Greeks, had not enough problems trying to cope with anti-Greece publications on international media, now we are used in the US presidential elections. In fact we are misused and exploited and turn into a scapegoat by anti-Obama Republican campaigners, to serve their own political purposes and interests. 

I was perplexed see a picture a friend posted on Facebook. She took the picture yesterday, while she was driving on highway I-95, a highway leading from Miami, Florida to Boston.

“Look what we saw today on our way home here in Miami”, she wrote.


Huge billboard  scaring American voters,  USA would become as “violent” as Greece, should they vote for Barack Obama.

This is the way Republicans view Greece – demonizing a country for their own benefits, featuring it as an example to avoid. Scaring to death average US-voters who has no insight knowledge of the situation in Greece, and the information they get about Greece is filtered through various channels.

“Why hasn’t the Greek-American community protest against this?” the friend asked me. I must confess, I do not know, even though I am sure there are quite some US-Diaspora Greeks also among the Republicans.

PS I would propose the policeman and the protesters on the billboard demand from Republican campaigners to pay commission and compensatin for featuring them on their campaign without their permission 🙂