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Greece Becomes the Bogeyman for US-Voters in Anti-Obama Campaigns

That’s really ridiculous! As if we, Greeks, had not enough problems trying to cope with anti-Greece publications on international media, now we are used in the US presidential elections. In fact we are misused and exploited and turn into a scapegoat by anti-Obama Republican campaigners, to serve their own political purposes and interests. 

I was perplexed see a picture a friend posted on Facebook. She took the picture yesterday, while she was driving on highway I-95, a highway leading from Miami, Florida to Boston.

“Look what we saw today on our way home here in Miami”, she wrote.


Huge billboard  scaring American voters,  USA would become as “violent” as Greece, should they vote for Barack Obama.

This is the way Republicans view Greece – demonizing a country for their own benefits, featuring it as an example to avoid. Scaring to death average US-voters who has no insight knowledge of the situation in Greece, and the information they get about Greece is filtered through various channels.

“Why hasn’t the Greek-American community protest against this?” the friend asked me. I must confess, I do not know, even though I am sure there are quite some US-Diaspora Greeks also among the Republicans.

PS I would propose the policeman and the protesters on the billboard demand from Republican campaigners to pay commission and compensatin for featuring them on their campaign without their permission 🙂 




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  1. I would not feel too much outrage about this advertisement. It is NOT anti-Greek in any way. To the contrary it is trying to tell U.S. citizens that we are “no better” than any other country.

    There is a tremendous feeling in the U.S. that we are superior to all the “little” counties in the world. We think that we are “special”, that we can live to excess and spend beyond our means without consequence BECAUSE we are the United States of America. What the billboard is trying to say is that the laws of fiscal gravity can and will apply to us like everyone else – eventually. And eventually we will become enslaved to our own central bankers and Troika if we continue in our spending folly and fiscal arrogance. At $16 Trillion in debt and $50 Trillion more in the shadows, it may already be too late

  2. At the present the politicians and press in Germany, the United States and Canada and other countries such as the GANG the comments are the same as what happened in Germany in the 1930`s against the Jewish community. “Stereotyping”. This is a dangerous game.

    This is the true US, point the finger at everyone else. Everyone else is the bad guy and they are the goody to shoes.

    I wonder which country really is more violent, or has more violence. Day by day drive by shootings, gang wars, and sicko’s raping children and women. We see it reflected in their TV series and movie blockbusters.

  3. I strongly disagree.

    I don’t think the billboard means to portray Greeks as violent or degrades them in any way. I think the point it tries to make is that America needs get its fiscal house in order or face civil unrest (which has occurred in several EU counties recently). BTW there were reports in the US media yesterday about Homeland Security purchasing riot gear for possible use in the upcoming Democrat and Republican conventions and post election.

  4. “PS I would propose the policeman and the protesters on the billboard demand from Republican campaigners to pay commission and compensatin for featuring them on their campaign without their permission.”

    We already sent you “Superman” Bill Clinton. What more can we do?

  5. keeptalkinggreece

    Bill Clinton is not so superman anymore, I’m afraid. and further, Clinton is for all the Greeks, while the compensation would be only for those featurted by the Republicans. *my best smile*

  6. Hillary? How about Hillary. We could dress her up as a Republican. The Chinese called her a “schoolgirl”, but then, they have a shortage of women.

    Or better yet, how about Ms. Alaska, Sara Palin?

  7. William

    If the members of the right wing PAC-AP( Political Action Committee -American Principles) desire to reduce the staggering $ 15.9 trillion US public debt, they should propose a series of measures to make it happen. Posting an altered picture of President Barack Obama and two pictures depicting violent Greek protests with the subtitle “ COMING HERE SOON!”, has a dual purpose. To shock and frighten the American voters prior to the Nov 6, 2012 US Presidential election, and to portray President Obama as being solely responsible for the US debt crisis.

  8. I agree with William that the point of the billboard is not to shame Greece, but rather to point out that a violent backlash is expected (and I dare say will be instigated by provacateurs just like last Summer in Syntagma Square) if Obummer is re-elected. The other candidate is no better; they are all in the back pockets of the Global Banker Cabal who runs the world from their lofty perch in “The City of London.” That is who should be afraid of a backlash, from Libor, to CDS, etc., soon the good people of the world will find a way to stop their criminal ponzi schemes from bankrupting the world. SOON.

  9. keeptalkinggreece

    learning new terms “Global Banker Cabal” – wow

  10. Glad somebody agreed with me!

    Many people here can them Banksters (like gangsters), different “line of work” but same criminal behavior. Calculators and computers instead of machine guns and pistols. But you’re still going to be broke and bleeding when they get done with you.

  11. @William I would think the only ones who don’t agree with you are the banksters.
    @Ann Onymous. Very surprised to see you take such an uncharacteristic stance against the bastion of right wing capitalist oppression of the masses 🙂 Unless of course the solution you envisage is to be carried out under the guiding light of the likes of GD, BNP, Vlaams Belang, True Finns, etc. Is that the idea maybe? Only asking…

  12. I don’t think the billboard on its own is meant to be offensive to Greece. Rather it suggests that the same things that happened in Greece such as protests will happen in America if Mr. Obama becomes the president. However, there are all sorts of things being said about Greeks in various countries including my own (I even had an argument with a really nice main who was one of my trainers at work; he said stuff like Germany is annoyed because they were paying for things like people in Greece retiring at 55 and such images just lend to the already negative perceptions and help increase their life. I stopped when everyone was starting to get annoyed at me for wasting time and wondering why I would support Greeks so much). Furthermore, most of them probably just say them due to having heard them not because they have spent any time looking for an opposing point of view or doing any statistical research.