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Deadline for Declaring Illegal Houses Extended to January 31/2013

Greek Environment Ministry said on Tuesday that it is extending the deadline for Greeks who own illegally built or illegally altered homes to declare their properties and be exempted from future fines or demolitions until January 31, 2013.

The ministry added that it was taking into account the negative economic climate in its decision to extend the deadline for illegal homes or illegally altered parts of homes, known as “imiypaithrioi.”

The ministry said that by the end of July more than 400,000 people had declared illegal homes, almost 80,000 of which have now been approved.

This protects them from demolition and further fines for the next 30 years. (ekathimerini)

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  1. Wasn’t there also a 15% reduction of the fine planned. Or am I now mixing all kinds of things? At least one thing is clear: like always, a deadline is a very flexible thing here. So flexible that most probably believe that even dead itself will be postponed if one waits long enough? 😉

  2. that was for ymipaithrious , I think. they extend the deadline (for the 3rd time I think) because people have no time to go, declare and pay as they go around paying emergency taxes, solidarity taxes, increased taxes, and taxes of all kinds and sizes.

  3. as they go around paying

    One more argument to facilitate the use of online banking for paying tax-bills. 😆

  4. before paying they have to make “pereosi” (arragnements) – impossible via online banking 🙂