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Troika seeks to end compulsory military service in Greece

Greece’s masters, the Troika of EU/IMG/ECB, seeks to abolish the compulsory military service in order to reduce state expenditures. According to weekly magazine TO PONTIKI, this measure is being included in the Troika’s evaluation report of the Greek economy.

According to the Troika, the proposal aims to reduce defense spending as the abolition of the compulsory military service can cause significant reduction in defense spending if introduced alongside with the electronic procurement system.

The report of the European Commission stresses that 

“as part of the implementation of the economic adjustment program, there were significant reductions in military spending (without influence on the defense capability).

Defense spending reached 2.2% of GDP in 2010, while Greece was the third among the 27 partners of the EU in terms of total defense spending in 2012.

Despite the fact that military-operational expenses as well as salaries and pensions for members of the armed forces would be reduced by 62% (salaries) and by 41% ( pensions), this does not mean that no further rationalization of defense spending can be achieved. ”

Further defense spending requires increased use of electronic procurement and the abolition of compulsory military service.” (to

So far there has been no reaction to this news by Greek Defense Minister Panos Panagiotopoulos. Two MPs from Independent Greeks party ask whether the Defense Minister had discussed with the Troika this issue and if he agrees with this proposal.

PS After abolishing our money, they will also abolish our army? Because there is no money for a professional army.

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  1. Never thought I would say this, but I do actually agree with the Troika on this. Not because it would save money, it wouldn’t. Instead of wearing uniforms and getting lousy army pay, the youngsters will wear jeans and get lousy unemployment money, costing the state slightly less indeed. Their reasons are all wrong, and it doesn’t go far enough. But the end result is a start, and here is why;

    The bottom line of any army is this. Those who join, voluntarily or conscripted, agree thry will kill on the orders of somebody anonymous, they agree to put their conscience on hold for the uniforms do not exonorate the act of murder, and they forfeit their right and duty to think for themselves.
    All the rest is deceptive rhetoric, designed to make the unacceptable accepted, so that somebody, somewhere can make a load of money out of all those dead bodies.
    Neither those that make the money, nor those that give the orders to murder will run the risk of getting killed themselves. Ever wonder why so few generals get killed in wars? They tend to keep a very safe distance and collect plenty of medals for the bravery of sending others to their deaths…

  2. If even the money nations spend on arms were to be spent uplifting the people of this earth, there would be no hunger. People wold also become enlightened enough not to increase the population and pollution both of which harm this earth so much. However, wars will never stop until the homo sapien evolves a better brain.All the other animals on the earth cause so much less harm than this pathetic, miserable, short sighted creature.

  3. I know this is off topic, KTG, but I was wondering if I were to send a letter to Greece, could the address be written in English. I am finding the address written in English on the internet.

  4. keeptalkinggreece

    so I did understand…

  5. Cancel the weapon contracts with Germany and France would save more money

  6. as this is impossible and last year there were claims ‘contracts vs bailout aid’ not wonder the Troika does not want scrapping of arms contracts.

  7. this is great. disarming the greeks will ensure that fascist neo-nationalism will have no room to spread to a powerful social avenue of an officer class that is part of the greek national military.

    the next thing the troika needs to do is ensure that citizens of the shengen area of the eu have the right not only to work in other countries’ in the shengen area but to serve in their militaries. enforcement procedures will be introduced through new troika beauracracy that prevent national militaries in the EU from discriminating on the basis of nationality. the only requirement can be that the person joining the military must speak the national language.

    eventually youll have french and romanians in the greek military. all countries militaries’ will be jumbled nationalities. neo-nationalist fascism will eventually be channeled to a new pan-european nationalist fascism and the EU can slowly force conscription of citizens from every country into a pan euro-army and totally disband the national militarie’s of each country.

    if you think this is not the actual plan, and that the above is far fetched, you have not read your history. this is the goal. it can either go in the direction of the goal, or towards a nationalist breakdown of europe and the re-rise of nationalist socialism and fascism all over europe.

  8. you misunderstood: it doesn’t say disarming.