Troika seeks to end compulsory military service in Greece

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Greece’s masters, the Troika of EU/IMG/ECB, seeks to abolish the compulsory military service in order to reduce state expenditures. According to weekly magazine TO PONTIKI, this measure is being included in the Troika’s evaluation report of the Greek economy.

According to the Troika, the proposal aims to reduce defense spending as the abolition of the compulsory military service can cause significant reduction in defense spending if introduced alongside with the electronic procurement system.

The report of the European Commission stresses that 

“as part of the implementation of the economic adjustment program, there were significant reductions in military spending (without influence on the defense capability).

Defense spending reached 2.2% of GDP in 2010, while Greece was the third among the 27 partners of the EU in terms of total defense spending in 2012.

Despite the fact that military-operational expenses as well as salaries and pensions for members of the armed forces would be reduced by 62% (salaries) and by 41% ( pensions), this does not mean that no further rationalization of defense spending can be achieved. ”

Further defense spending requires increased use of electronic procurement and the abolition of compulsory military service.” (to

So far there has been no reaction to this news by Greek Defense Minister Panos Panagiotopoulos. Two MPs from Independent Greeks party ask whether the Defense Minister had discussed with the Troika this issue and if he agrees with this proposal.

PS After abolishing our money, they will also abolish our army? Because there is no money for a professional army.