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MP claims, managers in public sector get up €8,700 per month despite payroll cap

Member of the Greek Parliament Argyris Dinopoulos protested to Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras about the monthly salaries apparently received by the management of DESFA, the Manager of National Natural Gas System.

In his letter to Stournaras, the MP from Samaras’ party Nea Dimocratia, claims that the general manager of DESFA receives 8,500 euro per month, while 45 other company managers get salaries between 5,000 and 7,500 euro gross on a monthly basis.

Dinopoulos underlines as “provocative the ignoring of the payrolls law for the public sector, laws that determine that maximum cap for wages in the public sector to be 4,700 euro gross per month.” He asks Stournaras to inform the Parliament about the exact salaries earned by the DESFA managers and have those earnings above the national cap to be returned to the state. (source incl. Dinopoulos letter:

PS I suppose the gas-distributors ‘forgot’ to proceed to wages cuts like the state-run enterprises DEKO did last year.

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  1. Well, does it surprise you? Greece may not be Ireland, and visa versa, but the shananigans are exactly the same. Has anybody asked what the bank managers are still (!) earning, despite ruining the respective countries and everybody in it? In my other country, after the banking crisis hit, it was suggested that a bank manager should not be allowed to earn more than 250k a year. Sounds “reasonable”, no? After all, they have responsibilities which could be of major influence on “THE” economy, the financial and other health of the nation etc. As if we didn’t find out the hard way… Eventually, after much complaining and political manoevering, the wage cap for bank managers was set at a mere 500K per annum. They have to be able to attract the best in the field is the reasoning. 10 years ago we were told we had the best in the field, which is why the country was doing so well….
    My other country also has a wage cap for civil servants. With of course a few exceptions, including managers of “systemic importance” (Electricity and Gas companies) and “political advisors” who, amongst other things, advise on the appropriate wages for various people including themselves.
    This is just another aspect of the charade, and MP Argyris Dinopoulos is simply playing his little role in the overall play called “politics”. Nothing to do with “many citizens”, everything to do with the puppets dancing to the master’s tune. And pointing out “flaws” in the game is part of that game. Doing something about those flaws isn’t… The script for the play “Politics” does not differenciate between countries, it is universal.

  2. what are the chances of ‘croke park 2 coming a ‘cropper’ on the back of what you are pointing out??

  3. In short, none. The only answer for both Greece and Ireland, and in fact the whole of Europe was given a good few years ago by one of the geniuses of these modern times, Einstein.

    Don’t try and fix a situation using the same methods that caused it to happen

    It is really high time to wipe the slate clean, get rid of a rotten system and it’s puppets and promoters, and start a fresh. We have the choice, take control of the change and guide it to where we want to be, or let the whole thing simply implode and end up with the resulting chaos. A chaos expressed by injustice, immorality, terrorism, political inertia, scorched earth politics, etc. etc. It is high time to realize that the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse have been running amok amongst us for far too long already. And they have names. They are Power, Greed, Money and Selfishness. Otherwise known as Military, Business, Finance and Politics. Their combined power is as vulnerable as it is destructive.

    Time to shout “STOP”. Not like those young guys in Kozani. A very understandable reaction, but as wrong as it is understandable. And all it does is feed the frenzy of the horsemen. Change the system, and the methods maintaining it become obsolete…

  4. At least they ‘forgot’ to implement the rule/regulation. One can’t really expect them to know everything! 😉
    Another nice foreign example to put this a bit in perspective: In austerity hardline country The Netherlands a bank went under last week. So, it was nationalized. We, the taxpayer, have to pick up the bill again. And the, now former, CEO is allowed to keep all his bonuses. His successor will now have the status of civil servant and his salary can’t be more than 130% above the salary of a minister (€144.000/y), as this bank now is state-owned and this is the law since January 2013.
    Good? Wrong. He will get €550.000 euro/year. Why? Because Finance Minister Dijsselbloem, yes the successor of Juncker and the new Mister Euro, is with his Prime Minister of the opinion that only with salaries paid comparable to that paid in the market you will get good CEOs. Right… and what about the law? And what about that former CEO who earned 3 times that amount? Did HE do such a marvellous job? With a bank going under everything is pointing to the contrary.
    Is this unique in Holland. No, not really. Remember Finance Minister Gerrit Zalm? The guy who was dead against getting Greece and Italy into the Euro? That same Gerrit Zalm took over as CEO at the biggest Dutch bank ABN-Amro when it collapsed a couple of years ago and was nationalized too. He has an annual salary of… €750.000. Not bad for a guy who was the longest serving Finance Minister in Dutch history and who was there at all the decisions and in-decisions that lead to all conditions that ultimately led to the demise of that bank, other banks and whole populations…
    And last but not least. Are there any protests from the political parties about this? No. Are there any protests from the Unions about this all? No, to the contrary. One of their leaders stated that they agree with Dijsselbloem…

  5. Rotten apples growing on a rotten tree, and not even having the decency to go “splat” when they drop.
    How does a 1 million Euro golden handshake and a 17 million Euro pension for a bank manager who blatantly broke not just every rule, but every law in the book, grab you?. Bank is bust, account holders lost every single cent, investigation is “ongoing” while he legally puts everything in his wife’s name and gives Ireland the two fingers from his holiday home in, I think, Spain. Look him up, in Ireland known by Joe Soap as “Fingers”, Fingleton is the full name. Read and weep…

    Would any of this have anything to do with the situation we all find ourselves in? Of course not… Pure coincidence 🙂

  6. ‘Nice’, this old man Fingleton… Shameless is not a word that even begins to describe guys like him. And the rest. But we have to remember it is all for our own good. The banks are essential for everything. And WE are the ones who are to blame anyhow… 😀

  7. And WE are the ones who are to blame anyhow

    Of course, all that irresponsible borrowing all over the place. Nothing they could do about it. And what do you mean, secret accounts in Switzerland, the Cayman islands, Barbados, Liechtenstein, etc. That’s only a few people here and there, far too important people to be pulled up on a little shady activity here and there. A mere 32 TRILLION worth of shady deals…Couldn’t possibly go taxing them on that, it would simply not be right. They are of “systemic importance” and therefor untouchable…