MP claims, managers in public sector get up €8,700 per month despite payroll cap

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Member of the Greek Parliament Argyris Dinopoulos protested to Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras about the monthly salaries apparently received by the management of DESFA, the Manager of National Natural Gas System.

In his letter to Stournaras, the MP from Samaras’ party Nea Dimocratia, claims that the general manager of DESFA receives 8,500 euro per month, while 45 other company managers get salaries between 5,000 and 7,500 euro gross on a monthly basis.

Dinopoulos underlines as “provocative the ignoring of the payrolls law for the public sector, laws that determine that maximum cap for wages in the public sector to be 4,700 euro gross per month.” He asks Stournaras to inform the Parliament about the exact salaries earned by the DESFA managers and have those earnings above the national cap to be returned to the state. (source incl. Dinopoulos letter:

PS I suppose the gas-distributors ‘forgot’ to proceed to wages cuts like the state-run enterprises DEKO did last year.