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Bailout tranche balckmail: Troika wants 25K lay-offs from Greek public sector

Every two-three months the same procedure… Greece’s lenders increase pressure on the government of the debt-ridden country that hesitates to proceed with the Troika’s demands. This time the issue of lay-offs in the public sector lays high on the negotiation table.

Greek media report, that the Troika gave a very clear message to the Greeks during a meeting with finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras on Wednesday. In addition to that the Troika decided to extend its visit to Athens for another week in order to thoroughly check the progress of the Greek commitments to austerity program.

The meeting between the representatives of IMF, EU, ECB with Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has been postponed for Sunday or Monday. It was originally scheduled for today, Thursday.

According to daily To Vima, Matthias Morse, the EU Commission representative in the Troika, made it clear, that the bailout tranche of 2.8 billion euro would not be released if there was no progress in the lay-offs issue.

Greek media report that Greece’ lenders want 25,000 civil servants to be sent away from duty either through labor reserve or through lay-off.

It looks as if the disbursement of the bailout tranche will be postponed until April.

PS wasn’t it Matthias Morse the one who complained about the strays in Athens?


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