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Trikala: Hollywood-style Prison Break – 11 inmates escape, 2 guards injured

A night long standoff between police, prisoners and their accomplices took place Friday in Trikala prison in central Greece. The battle with automatic weapons, kalashnikov and grenades left two guards injured and eleven inmates …missing.

The incident started at 20:30 Friday night with unknown number of gunmen attacking the prison and shooting at the outpost guards. The accomplices -probably six – had driven to prison with two vans.  Soon the inmates to break climbed on the roof and started to shoot as well at guards. In a synchronized shooting inmates and accomplices managed to create a war-like atmosphere. The prison breakers allegedly used bedsheets and self-made ropes to come down from the roof, jumped over the wired fence and disappeared in the darkeness of the night.

While initially it was thought that 4-5 inmates had escaped, the counting on Saturday morning revelaed that at least eleven inmates were missing.

video: local reporters from website filming outside the prison

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The standoff ended at dawn.

According to Greek media, the prison breakers were Albanian criminal with long prison sentences for robberies

A big question is how the guns managed to be smuggled into prison.

Last month, guards foiled a breakout attempt by four prisoners, among them notorious Greek criminal Panagiotis Vlastos, who tried to escape by helicopter. The prison guards had shot down the helicopter. According to news portal, there is suspicious that the guns used Friday night were dropped into prison from the helicopter on February 24th and that the inmates managed to seize them during the general turmoil.

UPDATE 2:30 pm: Greek police captured 2 of the fugitives.

UPDATE 4:30 pm: 2 more fugitives have been captured



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