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The earthquake moved Lesvos 4.4cm away from Chios, seismologists say

Measurements of two geodetic stations installed on the two islands showed that the distance between Lesvos and Chios increased by 4.4 cm because of the 6.3 (6.1R) earthquake of June 12 2017. This is what Thanassis Ganas, geologist-seismologist and research director at the National Observatory in Athens claims.

Speaking to daily Ta Nea, Ganas explained that the precise mapping of the distance between the two islands came from two geodetic stations used for accurate measurements of ground coordinates before and after the earthquake.

Seismologists are certain that the earthquake occurred due to the fault line south of Plomari. The epicenter has been located 14 km south of Plomari coastline. Because of the depth of  just 10km, the earthquake was more intense and caused serious damage.

Seismologists point out though that the north-west part of the fault line, that extends to Eressos, has not been activated. There are minor fault lines in the area associated with geothermal fields like thermal springs.

The earthquake of 5.3 R on Saturday night has relieved accumulated energy, seismologists say and point out that the seismic aftershocks activity is gradually decreasing. So far, more than 700 aftershocks have occurred.

Video: Damages in the ghost village of Vrisa via Drone

Meanwhile on Lesvos, inspector teams continue “habitability” controls on private and public buildings.

From Tuesday, June 13, until Tuesday, June 20, a total of 1,361 buildings have been checked. 753 of them have been declared “uninhabitable”. The number of houses so far declared “uninhabitable” has reached so far 645.

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