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Greek “Radio Arvyla” Mocks Channel-4: “Go Greek For A Week” (video)

It wasn’t unexpected that Greeks would leave Channel-4’s reality show unanswered. Greek TV Satire show “Radio Arvyla” (Radio Buzz) created a trailer to a Greek version of a rea show “Go Greek for a Week”. Enjoy!

Radio Arvyla Trailer in English

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“mal*kas” = jackass, assh**e etc etc.

“faskelo” = mountza. Greek gesture meaning ‘go blind’.

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  1. LOL! And now the series “Go Brit for a week”, “Go German for a week”, “Go Go Go…”
    (I thought I heard KTG mention on NET 15minutes ago in the item about Channel4’s version?)

    • keeptalkinggreece

      YES!!! you heard NET correct! They quoted our comment “Hoping the show will continue will be more equal realistic titles like …and “Being a Zimbabwean for 46 years after British Empire” – I got …goosebumps lol

      • Fame and glory!!! First NET and then the WORLD!… eh, sorry, got carried away. I will drink to your health tonight. 😉

        • keeptalkinggreece

          :)))))) I will drink to my health tonight as well lol ” I’m waiting for NEt to upload the news video and then make a modest post about it

          • I hope that, now you are famous and soon be rich, you won’t forget who your friends are? LOL

          • keeptalkinggreece

            rich? LOOOOL – I will even go & visit my friends

          • if KTG gets more famous she might be chosen as our new primeminister. as for the channel4 show. england has some terrible shows. i do not suggest you research “the only way is essex”,”geordie shore” and other great english shows. this one can simply be added to that infamous list. maybe channel 4 should look more in the mirror and put live like a chav for a week or live like an MP with expenses for a week.

  2. How about, “Go European for a week” We could show the world how we have all been shafted, lied to, deceived, patronised and bankrupted by unelected bureaucrats. Perhaps it could be set in a European Gulag and countries voted in or out a la Big Brother.

  3. be a British schoolboy and have a perfect education at Aberkenfig