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Athens: Protesters Boo and “Fire” Vulgar Insults at the Troika (video)

Members of Independent Greeks party prepared a hot welcome with boos and vulgar insults to members of the Troika on Monday in Athens. The technical team of the country’es lenders from IMF, EU and ECB had an appointment with Greek Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras.

But they protesters had gathered much earlier outside the ministry.

“There! There!”, “Here they come!” the protesters shouted when the car with the Troikans arrived at the Ministry. As they could not enter the building with the car, they got out and started to walk close to the wall in order to secure a safety distance to the angry crowd.

“Go F***”, Motherf*****”, “Assh***” were some of the “French” the protesters shouted at the men in black who looked rather confused. As they couldn’t not understand what the people holding Greek flags were shouting  and they had wore a rather silly smile on their face.


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Not it wasn’t Thomsen & Co, it was just the forward force of the Troika.

The party of Independent Greeks has 20 seats in Greek Parliament.

PS it’s a Greek-Troika war, guys! I think it’s high time the Troika learns some Greek. You know, basic expressions…. At least they could defend themselves and ‘fire’ back lol

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  1. No, Disagree KTG. First if they answered back, they might get attacked. Best to just ignore angry, uninformed people. Troika just doing their jobs, not their fault. Greece invited them, and as DSK always said, “We don’t come to a country uninvited”. And that is regardless that the Greek people didn’t invite them, but the Greek leaders did. The beef shoudl be with the politicians. Don’t shoot the messenger…

    • The beef shoudl be with the politicians.

      Couldn’t agree more, Smithers.
      When I read crocodile teary words like the following today…

      Democratic Left spokesman Andreas Papadopoulos on Monday told state TV that “the troika is very being harsh”. Papadopoulos clarified that it is the IMF representatives who are the harshest and added that the troika must understand that there are “people behind the numbers” who are watching their lives being destroyed.

      …I get physically ill. It’s the “Motherf***** assh***” like him and his peers that took now almost FOUR months to come up with nothing else than measures to protect their cronies in the public service and wider state organisations over the lives and livelihood of the rest of Greek society. They have proven day after day since the election not to give a s*** about anybody but themselves and are scr**** everybody else here in Greece left right and center two, three times over.
      “Go after THEM you fools!” I want to shout out. But it’s so darn easy to blame the foreigners and run away, like always, for any shred of self criticism.
      The stupidity of this bunch who are running after a leader that is under investigation by the SDOE is endless. If they want to convey a message to some foreigner they better do that in English. Even in Afghanistan people are understand THAT and showing it by holding up English signs during their demonstrations so that foreign media can understand it… But these idiots have a leader who protested to Obama in Greek and think everybody in the world owes them so much they should all speak this tiny language… At least they probably now have a good laugh at the kafeneio and getting congratulated by their ignorant peers.

      • Sorry KTG, for this rant. I just worked my butt off for the last two weeks. Day and night. And then my fuse is getting awfully short. So, if it’s not within your publishing policies I understand the deletion.
        Damn, I still love this country and most of it’s people to much!!! 🙁

    • Troika just doing their jobs, not their fault

      They could go and get a decent job. Not in Greece though, they are making sure of that…

      • disagree Ephilant.. They are just doing what is required. It’s like blaming a policeman for giving you a ticket when you are speeding. Sure, I understand your emotions for this commment, but not really logical…

        • No my friend, you are wrong.
          This is where moral responsibility comes into play, and that can ONLY be executed on a personal level. It is the complete lack of this moral responsibility in the individuals pushing the Neo Liberal EU and Troika policies on this country that is the one and only cause of a totally unnecessary humanitarian disaster unfolding in Greece.
          That moral responsibility is what each one these people as individuals are sorely lacking. If there was an ounce of it present between them, they would indeed not be here enforcing immoral, non-working and unworkable policies on a country and a people. Nothing emotional about it, and very, very logical, for it is the presence or lack of that moral responsibility in policy design that ultimately decides on whether people or a People will accept or reject a policy. And like it or not, if a policy is not accepted by those who are ultimately affected by it, it will not, it cannot work. Enforcing such a immoral policy only results is much more human suffering than already present, and a growing resentment from the people towards the enforcers. Eventually, something will break. That something is trust, which is the hardest thing ever to repair. And looking at the mood of the people in Greece, it is very much at breaking point, if not broken already.

          • Ephilant, I guess we can agree to disagree. Because you are reading too much into this. It’s about fiscal issues only. I owe you money, you want it back. I can’t go to a bank and say “sorry, can’t pay you because I don’t like your rates after I take a loan”…

            What if someone was living in your flat, and couldn’t pay and asked you to let them live for free. Sure, maybe you might do it but certainly you don’t have to. The law is clear, you don’t pay your bills, things get repossessed.

            It’s sad that some Greeks are not doing well, but that’s why we have others like you and me (and not the Government) to assist with our charities, NGOs etc. When people realize that the rein of Governments providing charity to people is over the better off we’ll be.

            Do what I do. See an old man digging through the trash? Give me a 5 euro bill and tell him to get a decent meal. Or donate to Boroume. But, don’t imped the legal mandate of the troika to secure the money that Greece owes them.

            It’s not right.

          • The simple answer to that is, tell the Troika and its puppets to go and get the money from those who took it. And that is most definitely not the guy looking through a trash can for food. Neither is it the pensioner who sees his/her pension slashed yet again, despite it already falling short to cover their very basic needs.
            As I’ve said elsewhere, an organization in itself is amoral. It gets its morality from the people working for it, all of them, at all levels. And they are all, as individuals, responsible for that morality and they MUST be held to account for it being executed. This transcends rates and banks, this concerns PEOPLE.
            What you are saying is that these people should be allowed to keep on imposing immoral, unworkable policies on Greece because we can counter that with charity? That is really stretching it…
            People who trample on others’ rights, no matter how respectable they may seem, are merely barbarians. And the guy going through the bin, or the pensioner wondering how the next bill is going to be paid, are having their rights trampled on, without a doubt. Three guesses who is doing the trampling…

  2. Down with the troika! Give back our independence!

  3. Greek citizens shouldn’t fall into the trap laid by some professional politicians who christened the troika as their next boogieman. It’s a classic political strategy of distraction, disinformation and demagoguery. Where had they been when Greece’s public debt and budget deficit were ballooning? They were in bed with affluent Greeks, the unions, multinational corporations and the banks, scratching their backs and expecting them to scratch theirs.

    • That is very true, and personal and moral responsibility is something that these politicians will need to face up to, and be made face up to.
      But… meanwhile the country is in a mess, and the policies that these Troika officials are trying to enforce on Greece only aggravate that mess and have been proven (and admitted as such!) not to work. The Greek people have not just the right, but the duty to stand up and say “no”.
      The continuous enforcement attempts of non-working “medicine” are a result of past actions by local politicians, but they are very much present day events, and the TROIKA representatives are the present day enforcers. They are not innocent bystanders! If you work for an organization, you are co-responsible for the effects that organization’s actions have on individuals and communities. And if those effects are so blatantly obvious negative as the austerity measures are on Greece (but also Portugal, Spain, etc), then it is the personal moral responsibility of these individuals that needs to be deployed to change this.
      An organization is amoral. It acquires its morality from its members, ALL members. Nobody in any organizations is morally more or less responsible. They are all equally responsible, and should indeed not be allowed to shirk their personal moral responsibility under the false pretense that they are “only doing their job”. Morality is very much so an inalienable part of any job, and the personal responsibility of the individual carrying out that job!

      • That is very true, and personal and moral responsibility is something that these politicians will need to face up to, and be made face up to.

        I am now sure that will never happen. Everything is geared to that and the ‘masses’ will facilitate their deceit.