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Deputy Education Minister to resign over vulgar verbal attack against KKE MP

Tension went high in Greek Parliament, when Liana Kanelli, Greek Communist Party MP, criticized deputy Education Ministrer Giorgos Stylios for the free breakfast program in schools. The deputy Minister acts like “Marie Antoinette, when he says, he offers one piece of fruit per day to children, but has spent 3 million euro for the advertising campaign of the program,” Kanelli  “shot” in the direction of Stylios.

“Tension fits you well,” Stylios answered, “You need Kassidiaris… You want to make me Kassidiaris, but I will not become Kassidiaris,” with very clear reference to the incident where Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kassidiaris attacked Liana Kanelli with punches and threw a glass of water to SYRIZA MP Rena Dourou, not Attica governor,  during a live television programm.


         Stylios – Kanelli

Stylios’ approving reference to the Golden Dawn attack triggered a storm of reactions and the deputy EduMin saw himself obliged to publicly apologize for the “verbal exaggeration”, as he claim adding that he “condems violence.”

A male Minister threatening a female lawmaker with physical violence and thus with clear approval of neo-nazi practices?

That was too much even for Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, who had apparently tolerated the contacts of a meanwhile former aide with the Golden Dawn members and -what an irony – with the same Ilias Kassidiaris….

Within minutes, Samaras ordered Stylios to resign. The deputy EduMin executed the order of his political director short time later.

PS KTG is among the Greeks who heard for the first time the name of the deputy education minister on this sad occasion…



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