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US rapper Rick Ross’ Greek-inspired song “Santorini Greece” (video)

American rapper and entrepreneur Rick Ross released a new album with a Greek-inspired song: Santorini Greece. It is the second track of the album Rather You Than Me (2017) and it focuses on Rick Ross’ past compared to his present. According to music websites, Ross talks about a lot of sensitive topics like racism, drug dealing and hustling to make it as a minority in America.

In the second verse of the song the lyrics ran:

Half of my niggas headed to Attica
Either trafficking or destined to be a janitor
Diabetes rampant in my blood line
That why fat boy be happy to see the sunshine
I’m here for results baby let’s cut to chase
Sticky fingers and paper
D.A. will drop the case
Art Basel with Lyor I blew 300 with ’em
2 seaters for all the soldiers who running with ’em
Ask 100 women, yeah they wanna hit ’em
I be half awake and still be running in ’em
Two new liter sprite to get me through the night
Bowling alley in the basement but we still shooting dice
Rich forever, killa take my old advice
Better yet, take my old bitches and mold ’em right
And if I want her back I come and take her back
Santorini Greece, I put it on the map.

Why Santorini?

I have no idea… Maybe he was once in Santorini and got inspired by the beautiful landscape and the amazing sunsets.

and here the released Luxurious Video! OOPS!!! The Holy Metropolis of Santorini threatens to legally chase Rick Ross for filming, singing and dancing inside a church without permission!

In march, the video was not available in “your country” – neither in mine- I posted a nice Bouzouki dance video from Santorini, the beautiful island on the Aegean Sea.

Source for Ross’ Santorini Greece Lyrics and song info here.

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