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Locals threaten with lawsuits after Aitoliko spiders take over their homes

The huge spider web has not only covered the shore along the lagoon of Aitoliko in Western Greece. The problem seems to be much bigger than just the 300 meters of Palm trees, salt cedars, bushes and other kinds of vegetation.

Thousands of spiders have made it to the houses of the village, local media report.

Spider webs are everywhere, thousands of insects are crawling on walls, doors, windows and living room ceilings. An unbearable situation.

“The giant spider web has been expanded outside and even inside the homes making people’s live unbearable, ” biologist, environmentalist and president of Aitolikos Fishermen Union Theodoros Botas told aeras fm 99.5.

Thousands of spiders and mosquitoes have invaded the houses in  and outside.

The phenomenon could have been avoided had the authorities conducted spraying against mosquitoes in time, before they develop and expand, he added.

The rare phenomenon with the huge spider web is attributed to the unprecedented explosion of spider population in the area is attributed to the population explosion of mosquitoes due to weather conditions.

“Mosquitoes were at their peak in August, there were so many one could not take a breath,” Botas said adding that local authorities not only used an anti-mosquito drug that is forbidden, they also sprayed the wrong areas.

“The specific drug is not allowed to be used in water environment as it kills all living organisms. Furthermore they did not spray stagnant waters where the mosquitoes  grow. This is a crime against the public health,” Botas added.

Botas warned that locals are preparing lawsuits against all those responsible for the situation.

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  1. And still there are those who deny that there is abrupt climate change. As the song of a website which concernes itself with this most important phenomenon goes: “Mother Nature, she’s gonna get ya!” Let’s all just keep carrying on as if nothing is happening. Maybe it will all go away by itself.

  2. Im sure a very natural ingredient mix could have been used here to spray along the edge of the water line to kill off spider eggs etc..its all out there for us,stop using chemicals,anyone on the council with half a brain?