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Turtle, flock of sheep rescue as bad weather strikes Crete (videos)

The bad weather front that stroke the island of Crete in the last two days did not bring only humans in dire situation but also animals. A flock of sheep was trapped in a flooded area, while a sea turtle was spotted to struggle against the sea waves.

Turtle Rescue

A turtle was found to be struggling against the big waves in Chrysi Akti. The poor animal might have a bad end, had not animal lovers spotted it and rushed to its rescue.

A brave animal lover, Iro, jumped into the icy-cold waters and helped the animal out.

The animal was brought to the shore and wrapped warm. A special  tank was brought by the Archelon Sea Turtle Rescue, two volunteers transferred the animal to the sanctuary.

The turtle is a girl, around 30 years old, visibly exhausted, without external trauma.


According to Chania Animal Protection, the volunteers named her “Chrysi” -Golden – from the name of the beach where she was found.

Flock of sheep

In an another animal rescue incident, the rescue team EMAK of the Greek Fire Service had to accomplish a rare mission.


To rescue a flock of sheep trapped on the mountain as river Geropotamos at Perama in Rethymnon Prefecture was flooded and the water was over one meter high.

The sheep had to be transferred to the opposite river bed with boats.

The difficult operation was launched.

The mission was accomplished with success.


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