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Taming the waves: Greek captain manages the impossible (video)

No matter how rough the sea, no matter how strong the winds, Greek captains and sailors do not fall for it. And so it was at the island of Naxos on Sunday.

Winds are blowing with intensity of up to 8 and 9 Beaufort, ferries and ships are awaiting to dock at the small port of the island.

Among the ships is also the Paros Jet that has to wait outside the wave-breakers.

Taming the waves, resist the wind.

The Paros Jet is leaning left and right and it seems that wind and waves will throw it on the rocks.

The skillful handling of the situation, the captain and the crew manage to keep the ship upright for about 15 minutes, until they get the green light form the port authorities to enter the harbor and dock.

source: naxostimes

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