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Greece Lockdown: No more than 2 people in a car & other measures

The total lockdown the Greek government imposes as of Monday morning, March 23, 2020, allows citizens to leave home only for specific essential activities like work, purchase of food and medicine, doctors visits, visits to people in need, individual sports activities, dog walking… It bans people from hanging out in parks, playgrounds and marinas. One cannot just take his car and go for a drive just for fun. This activity is not included in the categories listed in the home exit passes one had to fill up if one has to go out.

The total lockdown goes into effect at 6:00 a.m. Monday, March 23, until 6:00 a.m. April 6, 2020.

The lockdown applies to the whole Greek Territory without any exception.

Exception: The ban does not apply to those serving in the security forces and the armed forces, as well as to medical and nursing staff and authorized staff of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection for the performance of their duties.

Citizen movement is allowed for the following restricted reasons:

(a) Transition to and from work during working hours.
(b) Go to a pharmacy or visit a physician, as recommended after communication.
(c) Moving to a supply store for essentials (supermarkets, mini markets) where they cannot be shipped.
d) Transfer to the bank, when electronic transaction is not possible.
e) Movement to help people in need.
f) Going to a ceremony (eg funeral, marriage, baptism) under the conditions provided by law or moving to a divorced parent or parent who is required to ensure the communication of parents and children, in accordance with the applicable provisions .
(g) Exercise outdoors or moving with a pet, individually or per two persons, in the latter case respecting the necessary distance of 1,5 meters.
h) One-time transfer to the place of permanent residence.

Citizens are not allowed in public playgrounds, outdoor sports areas, organized marinas, parks and groves.

Controls will be conducted also by helicopters and drones.

At highway tolls there will be strict controls and drivers will be possible ordered to return, it was said during a press conference on Sunday evening.

The Greek police are in charge of monitoring the movement of citizens. In addition, the Municipal Police, Port Authorities in their area of ​​responsibility and the National Transparency Authority are involved where necessary in the audit work.

Citizens must carry their IDs or passports along with the Home Exit Pass (See: How do I get a Home Exit pass here.)

For each violation, a fine of 150 euros will be imposed.

The movement restriction does not affect the operation of those businesses  and public services which have remained open to date by a relevant decision of the State (supermarkets, bakeries, pharmacies, pet shops, gas stations and others See the List here.)

Public transport will continue to operate at a limited frequency throughout the day, ensuring adequate traffic, especially during traffic hours.

Private vehicles are allowed up to one passenger in addition to the driver. On TV it was said that the same is valid also for also public cars (taxi) Check here the updates released Mon afternoon, March 23

If one is in another part of Greece other than the permanent residence, at the time the ban goes into effect, one has to download a Special Purpose Residence Certificate from the website of the Revenues Authority or carry a copy of the E1 income tax return.

The state and the productive tissue do not paralyze. They continue to operate with the necessary personnel and on the basis of instructions given by the administrations of each agency, but under the strict rules laid down by the new restrictions on our movements.

With the special care of the municipality concerned, the Roma population of each area is kept informed by all appropriate means, so as to remain in temporary restriction of movement within the camps.

Municipalities will take care of homeless and addicted person providing them with suitable municipal accommodation, all possible care and nutrition and care. Municipal social services/structures will be responsible for delivering daily meals to people in their homes and beneficiaries of food and basic material assistance programs.

According to a statement by the Greek Civil Protection, the lockdown is imposed because the easy transmission and spread of coronavirus poses a serious threat to the health of vulnerable population and sets under great pressure the health system that is called upon to provide simultaneous hospitalization to a large number of patients.

Prohibiting the citizens’ movement with explicit exceptions to strictly restricted activities breaks the chain of dispersal and keeps us healthy in our homes to avoid the worst. Given the experience of other countries, it is necessary to do so now, the statement stresses.

PS Τhe restrictive movement during the total lockdown still needs some clarifications, therefore, I believe that the government will come up with some in the next hours/days.

I can hardly believe the government will allow “imprisoned” Greeks to run out and flood the streets and the countryside a week before Easter on April 12. Just Saying…

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  1. these ‘measures’ have nothing to do with a virus (which you cant stop anyway) and everything to do with deliberate implosion of a bad economy. When theyre done with us, it will look like venezuela and youll be happy to get a moldy crust of bread. and they will tell you over and over to be thankful that they ‘saved’ you.
    this is a global shutdown. the bankers have foreclosed on everything and it’s not about ‘money’ anymore, they want total control.
    maybe as a people and as a civilized society we might eventually bring these politicians and bankers to justice.