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Greece lockdown: Car passengers cap for parents, patients, measures UPD

Head of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias made some clarifications on Monday afternoon about the lockdown measures restricting the movement of citizens since 6:00 a.m. March 23, 2020. The clarifications refer to issues such as the number of persons allowed in a private or public car, to parents with minor children, visit a public service and others.

2 passengers per car/taxi  limit exceptions:

One parent with up to two underage children provided they are first degree relatives.

One customer per taxi and one more if one is a patient documented with a relevant document (disability certificate or other).

If private car or taxi is used for transport of patient in need of help, a second passenger is permitted, provided there is a document confirming the patient’s condition. It refers to people with disabilities or some who may need for example dialysis  or for any other regular or emergency visit to doctor one more passenger is permitted.

Permitted are only two persons in a private car to attend a ceremony such as a funeral and up to three when they are first degree relatives

An employee who does not drive and is served by a first degree relative employer will certify this noting also the shift hours.

For mini buses and private buses, 50% of the capacity should be used.

Public Services

Citizens should only go to public services for exceptional reasons and after an appointment that is confirmed by e-mail or letter.

Suppliers Trucks

Driving a truck requires a certificate from the employer and a shipping note or a traffic statement.

Farmers, Breeders, Self-employed

They all need Home Exit Certificate Type A

Farmers and growers must provide an employer certificate to all national or foreigner workers.


Journalists should carry a certificate issued by the employer who should also note the kind of report to be done – as reporters have no time limit, not time should be noted.

Hardalias added that all flights to/from UK are suspended as of Monday midnight, while the flights to/from Turkey have been already suspended. Only Greek citizens are allowed to cross the Kipoi customs office in Evros

He said that the citizens’ response on the first day of total lockdown were largely positive and encouraging.

According to state broadcaster ERT TV, 33 violations of the restrictions were recorded, so far, on the first day of the lockdown.

The head of Civil Protection said that of 176 control checks to people order into house isolation for having contacted confirmed coronavirus cases, 4 were found outside their homes. They were fined with 5,000 euros each and charges were pressed.

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