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Varoufakis urged Greek Gov’t to use its veto at the Eurogroup

Leader of MeRA25 and former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis urge the Greek government to use its veto at the Eurogroup meeting scheduled to take place later on Thursday. “If the government agrees, it will have buried all hope for the country’s recovery,” Varoufakis added.

Addressing Finance Minister Christos Staikouras in parliament, Varoufakis said that a veto was necessary for Greece’s survival and to rescue the Eurozone.

He noted that the EU meeting on Thursday will be historic because “today the European Union will decide whether or not it has a future.”

“If there was no agreement on issuing a eurobond at the meeting,” Varoufakis asserted, “then the EU, despite being strong and rich, will soon fall apart.”

Stiakouras replied “I won’t become Varoufakis!” the ex finance Minister who dared to mess with the Eurogroup in 2015 reported from the Palriament.

The Eurogroup will resume via teleconference later on Thursday in an effort to reach a compromise on a policy addressing the economic effects of the coronavirus crisis. The finance ministers had failed to find a solution during a 16-hour meeting that started on Tuesday and ended early morning Wednesday.

Eurogroup President Mario Centeno said on Wednesday that his goal remains a strong EU safety net against fallout of Covid-19, that is to shield workers, firms and countries while committing to a sizeable recovery plan.


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  1. Will it be a continuation of waterboarded servitude or a relief by a successful recovery?

    We can’t know where we would be if Varoufakis would have been right or wrong.