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Greece opens all its airports to direct flights from UK on July 15

Greece announced that it will open its borders to UK on July 15. The announcement was made by government spokesman Stelios Petsas during the daily briefing Monday noon. He did not make any relevant announcement for Sweden, though.

“In cooperation with the British government and following experts’ recommendaitons, the government announces the re-launching of direct flights from UK to all airports in the Greece from form July 15,” Petsas said.

The Greek Civil Aviation Authority has a direct flight ban from/to UK and Sweden until July 15. 2020.

Greece decision to re-open its borders to United Kingdom comes three days after the Foreign Office put Greece on the list of countries whose travellers will not need a 14-day quarantine. The decision affects also Britons returning form those countries to UK.  The “quarantine-free travel corridors” measure goes into effect on July 10, 2020.

Regarding Sweden, spokesman Petsas said “we are monitoring” the epidemiological situation and “we will make an announcement depending n the development.”

The travel ban to/from Sweden did not hinder TUI to send a charter to Rhodes and another to Athens, but that’s another story

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  1. Good Christian

    17 July 201514:57 CEST+02:00

    Sweden votes to use EU cash in Greek bailout
    Swedish Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson. Photo: TT

    Swedish politicians voted in favour of using EU cash to fund an emergency loan to Greece on Friday after receiving assurances that Swedish taxpayers would not be contributing.

    Some use you when they need something from you ,

  2. David van de Gevel

    Can someone explain to a simple person…me….how a direct flight from Sweden could land in Greece when they are supposedly banned? Originally it was supposed to be a flight of journalists, media personnel,etc. here to promote Greek holidays. However, the last report I read was that the flight was simply Swedish tourists. How can this be?

    • No journalist or media personnel wanted to come and be tested and quarantined on arrival so they took ordinary tourists instead

      • OK. The first part of your answer makes sense. The second part is a pile of garbage and irrational. If an arrangement cannot be kept to, then it is either rearranged or cancelled.

        Let me give an example. A Swedish football club is invited to play a game in Italy, but they decide not to go. Instead, the plane arrives with a ballet company. Is this acceptable or normal?

        Another one: The Foreign Minister of Sweden is invited to an international meeting, but he declines to attend. The special flight for him is reallocated and the owner of a large brothel in Stockholm uses it to take a nice holiday in Switzerland.

        So, the question really is “What is wrong with Swedish thinking?” Is it really a national tendency to manipulate things to do as you like? Or is the problem actually with the company making arrangements, which thinks it can do as it likes and everyone else can go **ck themselves?

  3. Can anyone clarify whether direct UK flights will commence ON 15th July, or whether the ban includes 15th? The Greek CAA announced in a press release last week that the ban would last until 23.59hrs on 15th (effectively the 16th), but all media reports seem to say flights will start on the 15th.