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Greece extends lockdown until Dec 7; regions most pandemic affected

Greece extends the pandemic lockdown restrictions for one more week, until December 7, government spokesman Stelios Petsas announced on Thursday. He listed several areas in northern, central and western Greece as well as one island as particularly affected by the coronavirus due to high number of cases in relation to the population.

“There are some first signs of reduction in the number of coronavirus cases, if this trend continues, then the pressure on the naitonal Health system will begin to decrease,” he stressed.

“Then we can plan a gradual return to some kind of normalcy. At the moment, the existing restrictive measures for the protection from the coronavirus are extended until Monday, December 7, 2020 at 06.00 in the morning,” he added.

He said that “this decision is imperative as the epidemiological burden is still high.”

“Source of concern are the areas where very high number of cases in relation to their population are corded,” Petsas said adding:

“These are Thessaloniki, Serres, Patras, Larissa, Magnesia, Aitoloakarnania and Lesvos.”

Especially for Patras, Achaia, and in view of the celebration of Saint Andrew, he called on people to observe the measures.

“The government is closely monitoring the developments and will announce the next steps when it has more data on the course of the pandemic,” Petsas said.

He expressed the wish that with the Covid-19 vaccine, “a new era for the country will open as of spring 2021.”

The government has been working out several scenarios on the gradual lifting of the lockdown before Christmas. However, even if the daily cases have slightly decreased in the last few days, dozens of Covid-19 patients have been dying die on daily basis since last week. 1,257 people died Nov 1-25.

The number of intubations has exceeded 600 on Thursday, the day where air lifting of Covid-19 patients from northern Greece to capital Athens started as local hospitals are full.

A C-130 transferred 3 Covid-patients from Drama to Athens earlier today.

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  1. On the island of Rhodes we had only one caase which was cleared . Then the tourists came in their thousands bringing death with them despite all precautions. This undoubtedly will happen again if tourism is ongoing until a clear path is made

  2. lease keep tourists away from Greece this year. They bring not only money but death!!

    • Do not spread conspiracy theories and do not blame tourists – the problems now are home-made in Greece – and anyone who can read numbers correctly should know that. So stop talking nonsense.

  3. Hold on now. Can’t you read the official data? There is no need to blame tourists in this moment; better each of us to take care of rules. Rhodes have had in 2:nd wave plenty cases and they are not from tourists.

  4. I spent the summer in east Crete and there were a handful of cases during the summer and very few cases even now. Contrast that with Thessaloniki, which has many cases but can hardly be described as a major tourist destination. Lack of social distancing causes the disease to spread, not tourism!

    Why are cases low in Cornwall in the UK (a major tourist destination in the summer) but much higher in some northern counties? Overcrowding and poverty are the major reasons why people are catching the disease and dying from it.

    • Stephanie…..Poverty equals bad diet equals low immune system. I fear no amount of distancing will stop you reacting to a disease if your immune system is not working properly.

  5. Thank you for the coherent, thorough and beautifully crafted narrative .

    I just moved to Peraia and my Greek isn’t good enough for ‘SKAI’ news just yet.

    BRAVO! Great read