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Corfu nurse: Public Prosecutor investigates if POEDIN President spread “fake news”

The Athens Public Prosecutor has ordered a preliminary investigation to see if the offence of spreading fake news was committed with the statement made by the president of the Panhellenic Federation of Public Hospital Workers (POEDIN) Michalis Giannakos. The POEDIN President told media on Thursday morning that a nurse on the island of Corfu had developed paralysis of the lower limbs following the second shot of Covid-19 vaccine.

The Prosecutor will investigate if Giannakos committed the offence of spreading fake news because he expressed with certainty that the nurse’s paralysis was side effect of the vaccine before the doctors ruled, reported newspaper ethnos on Thursday afternoon.

Citing Corfu hospital sources, local media enimeronionline reports that the dramatic news that spread following the statement from the Public Hospital Workers president and union members is not so dramatic after all and it has no connection with the vaccination.”

According to the same sources, following the nurse’s vaccination about a week ago she had a bit of a fever and felt some numbness in her limbs. She was advised to rest at home and her condition has improved. Doctors are looking into the matter, enimerosioneline added..

Corfu Hospital Administration has not issued a statement as there is not enough medical information at the moment.

The Public Persecutor of Corfu will reportedly also investigate the issue.

PS The main problem with this crucial case for the vaccination program is that Giannakos and another member of the Hospital worker’s union on Corfu made the statements live on Open TV on Thursday morning. They were reproduced by all mainstream media in the country including the news bulletin of state broadcaster ERT, newspapers and websites (skai, efsyn  etc.)
By Thursday afternoon, no official statement has been issued neither by the Health Ministry nor the National Vaccination Committee on the issue.

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  1. …because we now have government-dictated ‘truth’ and anything that diverges is ‘fake news’? what’s next, full-blown gulag?

    • This is a serious problem across the developed world — that governments and news media now censor information that does not fit their narrative. It is actually a very serious attack on libery, freedom and democracy which is far more problematic than the Coronavirus itself. If they are allowed to get away with it. the result will be part of history and the decline of civilization. The wretched virus will be no more than a footnote.

    • Perhaps we should differentiate between ‘fake news’ – and its implication of ‘alternative facts’, or an alternative interpretation of the facts – and ‘outright lies’. Which one leads to the gulag?

    • Well said Gordon Peterson … everyone is different and so their interpretation can be different … my neighbor took this nurse illness story as a definite reason not to get the COVID-19 vaccine … she tried to ‘warn’ me about the vaccine and used this case to illustrate her point … I’ve had to provide her a long email with evidence on success of various vaccines and that this case was not conclusive evidence of anything to do with COVID-19 … but … I think she still wants to send me to gulag!