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No booster shot, no valid vaccination certificates in Greece as of Feb 7

People over 18 years old who have been administered two doses of vaccination at least seven months ago but failed to receive the booster shot will be considered as “unvaccinated” and will lose the benefits of  “vaccinated” as of today, Monday, February 7, 2022. Their vaccination certificates will expire.

According to a decision by the Greek Health Ministry that goes into force today, their vaccination certificates expire.

They will no longer be able to seat indoors of restaurants, entertainment venues, theaters, cinemas, gyms and museums. They will need a Rapid-test to go to a bank, to the hairdresser and other activities.

Citing official sources, media report that a total of 324,000 people who had two vaccine doses have not received the booster shot, so far and therefore their vaccination certificates expired today.

According to current Greek regulations, the vaccination certificates are valid for 7 months from the day of the second vaccination for those who received the double-dose vaccines, and 3 months for those with the single-shot vaccines.

Booster shots may be administered 3 months after a completed vaccination.

The measure was supposed to go into force from February 1 but it was delayed due to the snow weather.
That vaccination certificates in Greece expire in 7 months has angered Greeks who were promised by the government that they would take their lives back and return to normalcy if they get vaccinated.
It also angers specific business sectors who will see their customers and revenues decline even more.
Access to retail and other facilities including private health care facilities as well as outdoor restaurants and cafes will be possible only with negative Rapid test as for the unvaccinated citizens.

The measure creates confusion also among tourists and travelers as they can now enter the country without mandatory Covid-test if they hold an active European Digital Vaccination Certificate that is valid for nine months.

Will they be able to visit museums and indoor restaurants, cafes and other venues if they do not have the booster shot?

Greece’s government, the health and the tourism ministry owe an official clarification.

The clarification came on Monday evening at the Life Briefing: See details on KTG HERE.

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  1. Oh dear , no holiday in Greece then or staying for 3 months.

  2. Greece not recognising COVID booster vaccinations given in U.K. (and possibly other countries) results in QR codes expiring after 7 months. This inflexible approach deprives fully vaccinated citizens of their freedom and liberty. KEP can’t help, and direct you to who direct you back to KEP. What a shambles!

    • Enough is enough, time to sell up and get out of here. Greece is being directed back to the dark ages thanks to a group of incompetent and clueless lot dressed in suits, who would struggle to run a bath let alone a country.

  3. With what we know about Omicron, I find it astounding that some countries continue with stringent vaccine passport schemes for almost all aspects of normal life.

    The infection figures in many of these places reflect that.

    Showing your vaccine status to get a coffee? Nonsense.

  4. Make up your minds – is Greece in the EU or not? Your answer determines the validity of the vacine certificate!
    Shouldn’t there be some legal consequences for this rediculous situation?

    • There should be legal consequences. I had my booster abroad (UK), but the Greek system can’t handle this irregularity, so even though I’m fully vaccinated, my freedom is denied. Greek beaurocracy at its finest!

  5. So will we see the percentage of vaccinated fall in the daily stats? What percentage of those who are intubated have had boosters? Would be good to know.

  6. Yes, but we’ll probably never find out. However else can they continue with these ridiculous, divisive policies. But don’t worry, as soon as the tourist start arriving it will be doors open to all again

    • Spot on!! You can be sure that by May 1st, everything will be open again, we are expecting even more tourists than last summer. Apparently the goal of this government is to make Greece dependent on only one sector for its economy: tourism, and nothing else.

  7. These certificates need to be scrapped immediately. They are anti-the science! The vaccinations DO NOT immunise you, so what is the point? Down with Tyranny!!!!

  8. I think you are mistaken

    EU Digital Covid Certificate (EUDCC) holders
    The new NOTAM foresees entry into Greece without additional restrictions (such as the prior Covid-19 testing before travel requirement for vaccinated) for European Union Digital Covid Certificate (EUDCC) holders coming from:

    – the EU and Schengen zone countries
    – the following 33 non-EU countries and territories that have joined the EUDCC system: San Marino, Albania, Andorra, Armenia, the Vatican, Northern Macedonia, Georgia, Switzerland, El Salvador, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lebanon, Morocco, Montenegro, Moldova, Monaco, Norway, New Zealand, Ukraine, Uruguay, Panama, Cape Verde, Serbia, Singapore, Thailand, Togo, Turkey, Tunisia, Faroe Islands and Chinese Taipei.

    United Kingdom is on that list

  9. You will forever be one shot away from being fully vaccinated. Enjoy

  10. @KTG
    What about the validity of the booster shots? Are they also going to expire after 7 months or will that be 9 months? I think you mentioned you would monitor that. Any news on that?

    I received my booster at the beginning of December. It would expire then at the beginning of July. I booked my holiday in Greece from half June to half July. There is also the matter of vaccination return period, or whatever you call it when your vaccine certificate expires half way through your holiday.

    Oh joy, another cluster F in the makings.

    • me thinks there will be news once they decide for 1x/year vaccination. For ‘high risk” patients there is the 4th dose 3 monthss after booster.