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Greece Primary Health Care: New platform for appointments with doctors & facilities

A new digital system where citizens can seek appointments for primary health care facilities and doctors was launched on Wednesday, April 6, 2022, Digital Governance Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis has said.

Through the platform, people will be able to book an appointment in either a public facility or with a private doctor certified for the electronic prescription system.

The health care platform requires only the use of Taxisnet codes and the AMKA national security number for confirmation.

The user must select a location and then their preference for an appointment with a public facility or a private doctor.

The platform is here – in Greek only.

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  1. ah yes, more ‘online platforms’ is what we all needed! this maniacal obsession with turning everything into some online ‘platform’ is already getting into deep into bizarro territory.. i might understand it coming from some silicon valley nerd who never knew any way of living other than with his face glued to a screen, but theres a reason such people are encouraged to seek a better balance in their lives!
    how about an alternative idea? no ‘online platforms’ at all!

    • What would you prefer?

      1 Get up at 6 am. Start dialling at 7 am. Pray that you get one of the appointments released that day for one month in the future. Fail. Start again the next morning. Repeat each day until eventually one day you get lucky. That is the current system.

      2 Connect to a web site by clicking on a stored link. Enter 3 items into boxes. Choose an appointment time on a calendar of dates and time slots. Click on confirm.

      I know which I prefer.

      • Not every one is computer savvy. But your comments never see the other side of anything ever written in this blog. I call it self righteousness, Warwick. Sorry!