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Greece expands hydrocarbon surveys south of Crete

Greece expands its seismic surveys and the Navy issued a new Navtex to locate hydrocarbon deposits south of Crete.

The new Navtex concerns the vessel Sanco Swift which is towing a 12km cable.

According to state broadcaster ERT, the research vessel will move even further south, in an area of ​​Greek jurisdiction within the energy plots as they were carefully marked years ago.

Where required, Athens has already sought permission from states with marginal jurisdiction.

The new NAVTEX is issued two weeks after vessel Sanco Swift started surveys west and south-west off Crete.

The expansion of ExxonMobil’s seismic surveys in other areas south of Crete reveals the importance of the oil giant to accelerate and expand the surveys in order to bring closer the time of the first hydrocarbon test drilling, the state broadcaster noted.

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  1. The International Energy Agency has warned that exploitation of any new oil or gas reserves will make keeping to a 1.5 degree temperature rise impossible. The warning is being almost universally ignored by governments & fossil fuel companies who are prepared to sacrifice the world for short term economic gain. Greece isn’t alone in this but it must take it’s share of the responsibility for the havoc it will contribute to, and acknowledge that has ditched the Paris Agreement that it has signed up to.