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Greek frigate “Hydra” opens fire on two UAVs in the Gulf of Aden

Frigate “Hydra” of the Greek Navy opened fire on two Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) of the Houthis in the Gulf of Aden on Wednesday.

The firing was in accordance with the rules of engagement, causing the UAVs to retreat.

With a 188-member crew “Hydra” was providing protection to a merchant vessel during the EUNAVFOR ASPIDES operation in the region.

According to sources, the “Hydra” is continuing its mission as normal.

Defense Minister Nikos Dendias made a reference to the incident during his speech at the East Macedonia & Thrace Forum ΙΙ in Alexandroupolis.

“Greece, relying on our Armed Forces, is a pillar of stability and security, precisely because it can project its deterrent capacity.

A few days ago we felt the pride of seeing the flag of our country on the mast of the Frigate “Hydra”, which this morning, as part of its mission, was involved in preventing a drone attack on a merchant ship.

We are proud of the operations of our country that are conducted to protect the national interest, the role of our country. But also for the protection of the interests of every Greek man and Greek woman and of Greek society.”

Greek Navy frigate “Hydra” joined the “Aspides” operation of the EUNAVFOR end of February 2024.


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