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Retired breeder and butcher, 76, elected MEP with Greek Solution

Galato Alexandraki, a 76-year-old retired cattle breeder and butcher, has been elected to be a MEP on a ticket of nationalist party, Greek Solution.

The woman who runs a butcher shop together with her son in Alexandroupolis,    , northern Greece, is well known in the area.

Her popularity may have been the reason that she neither held an election campaign nor gave an interview before or after her election to local media.

She did not even share a picture of hers and she was always referred to her with an avatar local noted.

On Sunday, Galato Alexandraki whose origin is from the village Koufovouno of Didymoteicho, received 50,803 votes in the electoral districts of Imathia, Pella, Kilkis, 2nd Thessaloniki, Serres and Drama.

In Evros prefecture, the Greek Solution that is very active in northern Greece, doubled its percentages, receiving 14% and coming second after ruling New Democracy.

“A candidacy with a next door person we are not used to,” commented local

According to local, Galato Alexandraki has not declared officially yet whether she will accept the honor and start a new career in the European Palriament or she will hand out the seat to the party and continue her professional life as butcher and retired breeder.

In the European elections on Sunday, Greek Solution has received 9.30% of total votes across the country winning two seats in the European Parliament.

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