Tuesday , April 16 2024
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One year Capital Controls in Greece – Was it worth it?

Remember that Sunday, on June 28th, a year ago? Remember the queues outside ATMs growing in a quick and non-stop pace? It was a day after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had announced a Referendum amid suffocating pressure from the European Union, financial dry out by the European Central Bank and …

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A not so bright day…

I dare say that today is a horrible day. most probably a power cut in PPC network has “burned” the power supply of my desktop PC screen. I try to work using my tiny notebook that operates  on a turtle/speed. It is old and some keys on the keyboard do …

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Just 3 Days left for KTG’s Crowdfunding: We need to cover another 9% of our goal

Just 3 days left – 72 hours –  to help Greek News in English and blog KeepTalkingGreece stay in operation also for 2016. Reaching even 50% of the original goal will be a guarantee that KTG will continue to be alive and kicking.  So far, we have reached 41% of …

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Greece’s Monday morning blues

Monday morning I turn on the TV to watch the ‘latest news’ and the the agenda of the week ahead. Monday morning, I realized, Greece is in the same stage we left it on Friday evening. Minus some assets, like the burned down cars by angry anarchists on Sunday. #Greece’s …

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Last Warning to “commentators” here

Comments containing words like “nazi”, “moron” or whatever other insults will be deleted without exception. I am fed up of this uncontrolled rhetoric leading to nowhere but to pure insulting each other. If you don’t like this rule, please, move to another playground.

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Too much thinking, too much listening, too much worrying, too much typing… then my fingers go independent and ;orhen ai can;t wirite [s dwwhat isd want or habve aopski mind …

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