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The Expat Survey 2013 – Enter and get a chance to win £1,000 cash

Are you a happy expatriate? Did you move away from your country for a better quality of life, for a career opportunity or just because you loved the scenery of your new home?  i-world Research, the research division of the London based agency, MaxMedia International, has launched three surveys for …

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How expats experience “three years Greece in the crisis” (Part XI)

Economic crisis and decreased income trigger frustration. And a never-ending struggling to make ends meet. Scratching together the last euro to come up for daily expenses, cover basic needs, children’s essentials. Economic crisis spoils the fan of life and leaves you there with an endless longing for the times that …

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How expats experience “three years Greece in the crisis” (Part VII)

Easter holidays are over, they were spent in a nice and peaceful atmosphere, I suppose and hope. Now we can comfortably return to our Greek reality, specifically to our expat stories, where foreigners write down their experience and how they come along with the Greek crisis. Three years after the …

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How expats experience “three years Greece in the crisis” (Part V)

In the series “how expats experience the Greek crisis”, KTG received another personal expat story. The story is written by somebody who built up an existence here and decided to go away, unable to survive the economic crisis. Somebody who still asks herself  three years later, whether “leaving was really …

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Service for Expats: Do You Need Help With Greek Paperwork?

Expats, people settled away from home, often find themselves in a powerless situation when it comes to dealing with  paper-works like residence permissions, driving license etc in their new home. They feel helpless mostly because they don’t speak the local language. They feel trapped in the dark corridors of a kind …

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